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Should You Use Heat or Ice for Injuries?

As the football season starts to gear up, injury is the ugly skeleton in the closet every player hopes to avoid. Even a minor problem can take a player off the lineup and onto the sidelines indefinitely. Starting center for the Texas Longhorns, Dominic Espinosa, went down in his first season game with a broken […]

Tradition and Culture

How often have you been channel surfing only to end up spending the next several hours watching some documentary on the Discovery or History channel? Of these documentaries, how many contained insight into ritualistic practices from worldly tribes? We have all watched a program where individuals had various body parts altered in some fashion. Most […]

You Nailed It

Surgery is often times like carpentry. There are many amazing devices that are at your Podiatric physicians disposal to assist him in your care. One such device/implant is the intramedullary nail (IM nail). The use of this implant is strictly used for the fusion of joints, specifically your ankle and subtalar. The main indications for […]

Stay Active with Simple Ways to Prevent Ankle Sprains

Many large cities in the US are rich in culture and history, and Houston, TX, is one of them. Sign up for the Rice Village Chocolate Safari held every Saturday until May 24, 2014! Learn about the history of chocolate as you walk along Rice Boulevard and visit unique chocolate shops and restaurants. Before you […]

Qualities of Good Baseball Cleats

The game of baseball, Americas favorite pastime, can be a brutal sport. Players push themselves to the limit and sometimes find themselves at the mercy of others. This was the case for Houston Astros outfield prospect Delino DeShields, Jr. as he suffered a broken cheekbone after being hit in the face by a 90-mph fastball […]

Avoid Ingrown Toenails by Knowing How They Begin

Have you heard that it is often the little things in life that matter? Well, when the little thing is an ingrown toenail on one of your toes, the pain can be a big deal and prevent you enjoying other little things in life. The 30th Annual Wine & Roses Festival in Bryan, TX is […]

Flat Feet or High Arches: Know Your Foot Type

The arrival of fall often brings change. Many are starting school or a new job, or perhaps the shift to cooler weather is giving you the desire for a wardrobe overhaul. Shoes are definitely a favorite accessorythe abundance of new styles lining shelves and on display in storefront windows are a testament to that. When […]

Everyone Likes to be Included

Nobody likes to be excluded, not even you introverted people. At some point, everyone wants to be thought of and included. I might even go as far as to say that everything also likes to be included, even cysts. Cysts that want to be included are called Inclusion Cysts. It is okay to snicker, chuckle, […]

The Return of the Bunion

We have discussed in prior blogs what a bunion is AND that not all bunions are alike and thus are not to be treated alike. I will not revisit the details of the how a bunion forms nor the treatment options that your Podiatric physician must weigh. What you must understand however is that it […]

Improving Your Foot Arch

As your foot hits the ground, it works with the rest of the body to absorb a great amount of stress. A foot with a normal structure is stable but flexible, in order to withstand the demands put on it every day. When the structure is slightly altered, such as the case with a flat […]