3 Top Exercises for Haglund’s Deformity Heel Pain


3 Top Exercises for Haglund’s Deformity Heel Pain

Its normal to hear the word stress and think about endless to-do lists or tight, anxiety-inducing deadlines. April is National Stress Awareness Month, a time to consider the effects that stress has on your emotional and mental state of health. Keep in mind that stress also refers to physical force, such as when shoes pressure […]

Top Ways to Manage Your Plantar Fasciitis Pain at Home

Spring is here! This time of year presents a perfect opportunity to embark on a new running program to improve your physical fitness and make you feel alive. Running offers a wide array of benefits, but if you arent careful, you may end up experiencing heel pain due to a condition known as plantar fasciitis. […]

To Prevent Ingrown Toenails Make Sure the Shoe Fits

We all know that Cinderella left her glass slipper on the stairs at the ball while dashing to the carriage before it turned back into a pumpkin at the final stroke of midnight. Then the handsome Prince went around the kingdom in hopes of finding the rightful owner. Several wannabe princesses tried to cram their […]

Bunions: Adolescents Can Get These Bony Bumps Too

Teenagers are usually on the go with a great number of things keeping them busyschool, extra curricular interests, sports, friends, and more. Sometimes the pressures of life can be a lot to handle for a young one but it can be even more frustrating when a foot problem is the one thing keeping them from […]

Wound First Aid: Protecting Diabetic Feet

It doesnt take much to injure your foot. Perhaps a new pair of running shoes caused a little blister, or stepping on a sharp toy hiding in the carpet left a small cut in the bottom of your foot. Many of us would give a shrug of the shoulders, use an adhesive bandage, and wait […]

Easy Tips to Soothe and Protect Aching Feet

The Houston Arboretum and Nature Center is providing the perfect backdrop for two days of Halloween fun. Take your family and do some trick-or-treating in natures neighborhood for their ArBOOretum event on October 25-26, 2014. If you work on your feet all day, though, walking all over a nature center might not be your idea […]

When Your Heel Pain Hurts Your Stride

A small sliver in your finger or a toothache that leaves you with a constant level of discomfort can be annoying as well as painful. Running with heel pain can be frustrating as well. The Muddy Trails Bash on April 5, 2014 will take runners through the beautiful George Mitchell Nature Preserve in Houston, TX. […]

Spring Footwear Trends

The Azalea Trail is an annual tradition in Houston, TX and a sure sign that spring has arrived! The azalea is a showy flower that blooms in shades of pink, red, white, purple and yellow. This year there are seven stops along the Azalea Trail Home and Garden Tour, happening March 07, 2014 – March […]

Shoes for Bunions Among Spring Shoe Trends

Fashion Week in Paris, France, wrapped up at the beginning of the month and the lines that came down the runways were colorful, creative, and stunning. What is trending in shoes is always a hot topic, and the styles for 2014 do not disappoint. If you have a bunion problem, you may think that you […]

Preventing Sports Injuries

Staying at the top of your game, as the U.S. Olympic athletes try to do, can take a toll, and sports injuries can happen in an instant. Snowboarder Shaun White has battled a sprained ankle and jammed wrist, and ultimately he is withdrawing from the slopestyle event to hopefully avoid a more serious injury. Freestyle […]