Fungal Toenails

Do yucky, yellow toenails giving you the blues? Toenail fungus is whats likely behind that discoloration, and unfortunately, once the fungus takes hold, fighting it can be tough! Of course, its easier to fight the fungi if you team up with an ally! Prompt treatment and prevention tips from Dr. Aleisha Allen can help you wipe out fungal toenails and keep them from coming back.

How Toenail Fungus Strikes

Fungi thrive in warm, damp environments, like sweaty socks and shoes or locker room showers. Just a tiny break in the skin is all that is needed for fungus to take up camp beneath your toenail and even spread to others. A blister, scrape or slight separation of your nail from its bed can send an open invitation to fungal infections, so if youre wondering where your fungal toenails came from, look no further than your footwear or lack thereof if youve gone barefoot at the gym! In other words, dont leave your toes exposed, especially if they have even the slightest of injuries.

Signs Fungal Toenails Have Declared Battle

White spots and yellow streaks are the first signs of trouble, and other symptoms are typically not far behind. Toenails with fungus trapped beneath will turn thick, brittle, crumbly, dull, and misshapen. They may get darker in color due to a buildup of debris under the nail, and can even begin to smell and make wearing shoes difficult and painful.

Defeating the Fungi Fast

As soon as you spot the symptoms listed above, visit Dr. Aleisha Allen the faster you start treatment for toenail fungus, the faster you can get rid of it! There are store-bought topical remedies, but these are typically ineffective. We can prescribe stronger topical and oral medications that will provide better and quicker results.

Putting Up a Strong Defense Against Fungal Nails

Taking a few precautionary measures can help you to avoid fungal infections from coming back, or from showing up in the first place. Remember those sweaty shoes we mentioned earlier? Treating your footwear and your feet with anti-fungal powder or spray can make them less attractive to fungus. Alternating shoes so they have time to dry out, and wearing socks made of moisture-wicking materials can help as well. Keep your feet clean and dry and never go barefoot in communal places that are damp, like pool decks, saunas, locker rooms, and gym showers you should always wear sandals for protection! Also, keep cuts and scratches clean and covered with a bandage.

Call on Your Ally for Help

The Houston Foot Specialists team is here for you to help you get rid of fungal toenails as quickly as possible. If you notice your toenails have a yellowish tint, dont delay. Stop that stubborn fungal infection from spreading or getting worse by contacting us for an appointment at our Houston, TX office. You can schedule a visit by dialing (713) 493-7372 or by using our online contact form. Well restore your nails to their former clear and healthy selves victory will be yours!