About Us

Foot pain is quite common, but so too is the misguided notion that its not a big deal. Whenever pain exists, it is the bodys way of letting you know an issue needs to be addressed. Here at Houston Foot Specialists, we evaluate the condition giving you problems and then create an appropriate treatment plan to help you move past it.

Our professionals take pride in providing comprehensive, effective foot and ankle services for all of our patients from across the greater Houston, TX community. Take a moment and discover for yourself a little about who we are and what we can do for you. We look forward to helping you overcome your foot pain and seeing you get back to your favorite activities!

What We Believe

We believe every Houston resident should have access to effective, exceptional foot and ankle care. This is our guiding principle as we strive for complete foot health for all of our patients. Further, we want to make sure that you recognize this mindset with every visit to our office.

We also believe it is absolutely essential to view every case as a new problem, one that needs to be solved out of the context of previous issues. The reasoning behind this is simple your situation is not exactly the same as the last patients. There are bound to be many differences, so we treat every case with fresh eyes.

Finally, we believe you should have the right information and access to materials that discuss your medical condition. This not only helps you understand what you are experiencing, but also gives insight so you can prevent future issues and know when it is time to seek professional care here at our office.

What We Do

Essentially, we provide wide-ranging foot and ankle services to treat both chronic and recent issues for our patients. The process begins with a careful, accurate diagnosis. Actually understanding your medical problem is necessary to effectively treat it. For this reason, we dont rush to make a snap judgement that could prove to be the wrong one.

Once we have ascertained what is happening, we will create an effective, custom treatment plan to address it for you. This can mean different things. Sometimes patients need to step back from activities, use ice, and take medication. For other cases, custom orthotic devices or physical therapy may be entailed. In rare instances, surgical intervention might be the solution. No matter which treatment options are needed, we will make sure you receive them.

Our Doctor

Houston Foot Specialists is led by Dr. Aleisha C. Allen, who was born and raised in Tyler, TX before heading to The University of New Hampshire and earning her Bachelor of Science in general biology. Dr. Allen then proceeded to earn her Doctor of Podiatric Medicine (DPM) from Dr. William M. Scholl College of Podiatric Medicine before returning back home to Texas.

Dr. Allen maintains hospital affiliations with Memorial Hermann Memorial City Medical Center and University General Health Center (where she is the Attending Podiatric Surgeon) here in Houston. Dr. Allen is board-certified with the American Podiatric Medical Association, Texas Podiatric Medical Association, and the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons.

How to Contact Us

Now that you know more about Houston Foot Specialists, its time to find out exactly how we can help you overcome the issue that is affecting your lower limbs. You can reach our friendly, professional staff here at our Houston foot doctor office by calling (713) 467-8886. We will be glad to answer any questions, provide further information, or assist you in scheduling an appointment with Dr. Allen. If youd prefer, you can simply request your appointment with us online right now!