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Below is the review shared by Dorothy Davis who has recently had an excellent patient experience with Houston Foot Specialists (original spelling is retained).

“I am familiar with the treatment of an ingrown toenail, and I guess many people have faced it since adolescence.

Personally, I began to have ingrown toenails on my big toes in adulthood. Ingrown nails are due to various reasons: improper cutting of nails (you need to cut them at a right angle, and many of us round the edges), uncomfortable shoes, injuries to the fingers and nail plates, etc.

There are three methods of struggle (and this is exactly the struggle!) with ingrown nails:

1. Self-treatment, including natural methods and regular trips to the salon to pedicure masters in the hope that they will cut / process the nails correctly and thereby solve the problem. I noticed that most of the reviews on the net are dedicated specifically to the self-treatment of an ingrown nail, so I don’t want to repeat myself, to talk about what other people have already done before me. If you prefer self-treatment and your problem is not that serious, read about natural remedies for ingrown toenails. I used all of the methods given in the article, but maybe you will be luckier! I, too, was tempted to heal my ingrown toenails on my own, but my efforts were not successful.

2. Surgical treatment of ingrown nails – it is the most popular and affordable treatment method.

I have had surgery twice for an ingrown toenail on my right big toe. For the first time, everything worked out “with little blood”: an outpatient surgeon performed a partial resection of the nail plate on the side of the ingrown nail. The anesthesia was local, I didn’t feel much pain, the healing happened pretty quickly. I am grateful to this surgeon for an almost painless and accurate (without causing major injury) operation, but … after a year and a half or two years, the nail began to grow in again. This is not the fault of the operating surgeon – relapses occur with all methods of treatment.

The second time I contacted another surgeon. I went to an appointment at the clinic, and the surgeon also operated on my finger on an outpatient basis – she completely and barbarously removed the entire nail plate. The operation turned out to be very traumatic, for several days my wound bled heavily, I spent three weeks on sick leave. The surgeon (it was a woman) turned out to be low-skilled, completely unable to operate on the nail plates (I suspect that the surgeon does not know how to operate at all!) And in fact, my nail turned out to be mutilated. Not only did the finger heal for a long time, but the new nail plate did not begin to grow for a long time. Then, maybe six months later, a small “triangle” grew in place of the once regular, uniform nail plate, and that’s it, the growth of the plate stopped. Yes, now the nail did not grow in, because there was nothing to grow in. I almost said goodbye to open summer shoes. She tried to veil the problem with the help of a pedicure, but she herself understood that this was not a way out of the situation…

3. An innovative therapeutic method for the treatment of ingrown nails – the name is conditional, inaccurate, invented by me))), but I don’t know how to properly call this method of treatment.

This method of treatment involves the participation of a specialist called a “podiatrist” (from the Greek word “podo” – foot).

I am annoyed and ashamed to admit that in the age of computer technology and the Internet, I have just recently learned about the existence of a podiatrist who can be consulted for help and treatment of an ingrown nail. Thanks, Google!))

About 3 years ago, I read a review by an author with the nickname Just Gold – thanks to the author! – about the treatment of an ingrown nail by a podiatrist. A detailed and interesting review served as a guide for me to action.

I immediately started looking on the Internet for a podiatrist in Georgia. I quickly managed to find the two best specialists but they were located in Houston, TX. One specialist worked in a beauty salon, the second accepted patients in Houston Foot Specialists. I contacted the first specialist through a social network, but there was a long line to see her, and I had to wait a month and a half for an appointment. I made an appointment with a podiatrist at the medical center without any problems and went for an appointment the next day.

The second podiatrist was amazing! Her name was Mariann Brown. I began treatment of both the unsuccessfully operated nail on my right foot and the large nail on my left foot because by that time it had begun to bother me. Treatment by a podiatrist consists in treating ingrown nails and installing a titanium thread or a Fraser staple on them (there are some other devices for this purpose, but they were not offered to me for installation). I will not post photos of my nails – this is not a very aesthetic sight, and for those who are relevant and curious, see photos with threads and staples on nails in other reviews or search the Internet.

Treatment by a podiatrist is long and expensive. I have been in therapy for three years now. It all depends on the severity of the problem. Installing a titanium thread on one finger costs at least $100-$200, and Fraser staples – $250-$400. A bit expensive, but it was actually worth it…

Since the treatment cost was higher than I expected and I need cash urgently for the surgery, I had to take out a loan. I chose online payday loans in GA. You can treat such a concept as a loan in different ways. It frightens some people, but for others, it is the only way to solve financial problems immediately. I belong to the second category. This is because I often use the services offered by this company. The reason is that they require no collateral, eligibility criteria are easy-to-meet, and the process involves no paperwork. I’ve borrowed money online to start my own business, to pay rent, to pay for urgent dental services… That time I needed fast cash again… All four times I enjoyed getting a loan from that company. No stress, everything is fast, transparent and straightforward.

So… Well, you must clearly understand and realize that you will have to install both the titanium thread and the Fraser bracket more than once. The nail grows and requires correction (a separate fee for it) and reinstallation of staples. I visit a podiatrist at least once every two months. The treatment of my nails has already resulted in a thousand dollars, and only God knows how long the treatment will last.

The main problem for today is my operated nail. Thanks to Dr. Brown, the nail slowly but grows, straightens, and I never cease to be surprised and rejoice at this. This is some kind of miracle, I no longer hoped for it but it happened. I would like to believe that next summer I will be free to walk in open shoes without embarrassment.

At the very beginning of my treatment, I had an interesting case :)) I delayed my next visit to Dr. Mariann Brown, and when I was about to go, she was on vacation. At that time, I had to remove the titanium thread from the nail plate. This thread was filmed for me by another master working in the Houston Foot Specialists. Dr. Williams just looked at my nail and said: “It was Mariann who put the thread on you!” I asked in surprise: “And how did you know this?!” And I received an answer: “Mariann does a fine job, and you were probably threaded by a novice podiatrist.”

I am glad that I found Houston Foot Specialists and a professional podiatrist! I have made significant progress in the treatment of ingrown nails. I only regret that I have not found this medical center earlier, in time, when my problem with nails was just beginning.. I did not consider it necessary to pay due attention to it, to find out all the nuances and methods of treatment. Do not repeat my mistakes!”

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