Comprehensive Rehabilitation in the USA

Comprehensive Rehabilitation in the USAToday, rehabilitation programs in the United States are designed in such a way as to ensure the full restoration of the patient’s lost functions and return him to a full life. Local specialized centers are accredited under the CARF system, which sets high standards in service. It offers speech therapy, physiotherapy and work therapy, full-fledged social work and patient care, therapeutic relaxation and vocational guidance.

Rehabilitation in America is aimed at rehabilitating individuals who have suffered trauma, serious illness, or complex surgeries. Its goal is to return the patient to the previous state and functionality. Most American centers practice a three-stage rehabilitation scheme that includes health education and physical environment change, early diagnosis and treatment of illness to prevent permanent disability, and prevention of further deterioration. It is not cheap to undergo rehabilitation in such centers that’s why loans are taken out. We are glad to introduce to you interesting service describing different lenders when you need cash now. It provides a trustworthy information about lenders, where they operate, what terms and rates they offer. Besides, this informative website doesn’t promote any lender that’s why you may recieve independent facts about any financial company.

Therefore, the recovery process here begins with the assessment and treatment of diseases, injuries or pathological conditions. In parallel with this, an assessment of all the patient’s needs is carried out. At the same time, a huge number of specialized rehabilitation centers operate in the United States, created for different types of physical and psycho-emotional states, including various personality disorders. These are geographically the largest institutions, where a wide range of services is provided by interdisciplinary teams, which is due not only to the variety of skills required, but also to trends towards specialization in American medicine.

Main directions in the US rehabilitation approach

Today, there are several hundred rehabilitation centers in the United States, in which recovery is carried out in the following areas:

  • Rehabilitation of patients with limb anomalies and after amputations. Programs of this type include complex and individual schemes for each patient, which are based on occupational therapy, physiotherapy procedures, sedation, psychological counseling, high-tech prosthetics and social work.
  • Rehabilitation in the United States of patients with arthritis and all kinds of joint pathologies. These include the use of the latest drugs, arthroscopy, physical therapy, exercise therapy and special functional gymnastics for the sick.
  • Spinal rehabilitation, which is performed to prevent the worsening of injuries and back pain. In addition to traditional methods, it involves the use of therapeutic massage, manual therapy, chiropractic, acupuncture.
  • Rehabilitation in the presence of brain injuries – a correctly designed program allows patients to return the chances for a full life. Local specialists widely use the adaptive capabilities of the brain to restore lost functions, including physical, intellectual, communication and work skills.
  • Cancer rehabilitation. Aimed at supporting cancer patients in the fight against life’s difficulties, including fatigue, pain, joint stiffness, weakness, depression, mood swings, problems with swallowing, poor appetite, sexual dysfunction, lymphedema, incontinence and others.
  • Rehabilitation in America for chronic pain syndrome. Individual programs are drawn up for fibromyalgia, myofascial pain syndrome, neuropathies, regional syndrome, migraines and other manifestations.
  • Neurological rehabilitation, which includes the correction of sensory, motor, cognitive and behavioral skills.
  • Recovery after occupational injuries, which will allow workers to return to work.
  • Pediatric rehabilitation. Aimed at restoring physical and cognitive skills in children with a wide variety of pathologies. It is based on therapeutic games, sports activities, the use of individual equipment for the development of strength and mobility, intellectual exercises for memory and thinking.
  • Sports rehabilitation in the USA. These programs are considered one of the best in the entire Western Hemisphere and allow you to quickly recover even with the most severe sports injuries.
  • Rehabilitation after a stroke. It is aimed at completely eliminating pain, improving lymph and blood flow in the body, restoring motor functions in the affected limbs and reducing the tone of spastic muscles.
  • Vestibular rehabilitation. It helps prevent dizziness and balance problems, anxiety, fatigue and trouble concentrating.

The implementation of all these programs is carried out using modern equipment and the latest techniques, which makes it possible to achieve significant success even in the most difficult cases.

Orthopedic clinics in the USA

Cleveland Clinic
Cleveland Clinic is the largest clinical complex in the United States, occupying a leading position in the diagnosis and treatment of patients from all over the world. The hospital has a capacity of 1268 beds.

The clinic is accredited by the Commission on the Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF). A children’s hospital was established on the basis of the medical institution. Also, the medical center acts as a training hospital for doctors.

Prices are set individually, depending on the patient’s condition and his insurance plan.

Location: 9500 Euclid Ave, Cleveland, OH 44195, USA

Johns Hopkins Hospital
Johns Hopkins Hospital is located in Baltimore (Maryland, USA) and is considered the best hospital in the state.

The hospital doctors received the Nobel Prize for the discovery of restriction endonucleases, which gave rise to the development of genetic engineering.

In addition, the hospital made the discovery of three types of polio virus.

It was this clinic that became the place where many branches of medicine were created, including neurosurgery, urology, endocrinology, and pediatrics. The hospital is also known for its Nursing School, where nurses are trained.

Prices are set individually, depending on the patient’s condition and whether he has insurance.

Location: 1800 Orleans St, Baltimore, MD 21287, USA

University Medical Center at Princeton
University Medical Center at Princeton is a general hospital founded in 1919. The medical facility is located in New Jersey and has 338 beds.

The hospital uses the latest technology to treat patients. The clinic works in the following areas: obstetrics, treatment of oncological and cardiovascular diseases.

Prices are set individually, depending on the patient’s condition and medical insurance.

Location: 1 Plainsboro Rd, Plainsboro Township, NJ 08536, USA

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