Baby Feet

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Baby Feet

For you new parents, especially you moms, there are so many things that you worry about in the first months of your childs life. Many of the worries that bombard your mind can be set at ease with just a little knowledge and know how. Take for example your childs feet and toenails. There are […]

Running and Ankle Pain

If you have a love for running, there are scores of races this fall taking place in many cities in Texas for you to choose from! There’s a race next Tuesday, Sept 30th that combines a 500 meter swim with a 5k run. If you can’t make it to that race, don’t sweat it! There […]


In lieu of the most recent scientific blog concerning skin grafts I felt it prudent to continue with this discussion on grafts. Skin grafts can be taken directly from yourself (autograft), from another source of the same species (allograft), OR from another species (xenograft). Dermagraft is one such form example of skin grafting. What is […]

Running Through Fall: What You Should Know

It can be a bit depressing when summer is finally over and the impending cold weather is lurking around the corner. You just need to find something to look forward to, and the Color Fun Fest 5K in Houston, TX on November 1, 2014 is just the thing! Black lights, a ton of color, and […]


In continuation of our tour of skin grafts, we will now discuss another form of skin graft substitute: Apligraf. Apligraf has the same indications, as does dermagraft, non-healing wounds such as in diabetics with neuropathy. A common contraindication is in a wound with active infection. Like Dermagraft, Apligraf is cryopreserved after manufacturing and stored for […]

PRP (Platlet Rich Plasma) or Did Dracula Know Best?

We all know the story behind Dracula, or at least the Hollywood story. The name invokes a savage, bloodthirsty monster that lost no sleep draining his victims of their life source. He is depicted as being so pale and pasty that makes red headed individuals look tan. I mean no offense to the red headed […]

Should You Use Heat or Ice for Injuries?

As the football season starts to gear up, injury is the ugly skeleton in the closet every player hopes to avoid. Even a minor problem can take a player off the lineup and onto the sidelines indefinitely. Starting center for the Texas Longhorns, Dominic Espinosa, went down in his first season game with a broken […]

Tradition and Culture

How often have you been channel surfing only to end up spending the next several hours watching some documentary on the Discovery or History channel? Of these documentaries, how many contained insight into ritualistic practices from worldly tribes? We have all watched a program where individuals had various body parts altered in some fashion. Most […]

You Nailed It

Surgery is often times like carpentry. There are many amazing devices that are at your Podiatric physicians disposal to assist him in your care. One such device/implant is the intramedullary nail (IM nail). The use of this implant is strictly used for the fusion of joints, specifically your ankle and subtalar. The main indications for […]

Stay Active with Simple Ways to Prevent Ankle Sprains

Many large cities in the US are rich in culture and history, and Houston, TX, is one of them. Sign up for the Rice Village Chocolate Safari held every Saturday until May 24, 2014! Learn about the history of chocolate as you walk along Rice Boulevard and visit unique chocolate shops and restaurants. Before you […]