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A Green Toenail is Not Great for St. Patrick’s Day

A fungal toenail can be unsightly and embarrassing as your toenail turns different shades of colors. Green is a color particularly associated with St. Patricks Day, but it is definitely not a color that you want to see on your toenails, thats for sure. St. Patricks Day, originally a Roman Catholic holiday that celebrates Irelands […]

Diabetes and Foot Ulcers: Preventing A Serious Problem

It wont be too long before white stuff is covering the ground and we can see our breath in the air. If you have made a snowman before, you know that when you just keep rolling a small snowball around, it will get bigger and bigger. We use the term snowball effect as a way […]

Don’t Be Medieval With Shoes: Orthotics Offer Comfort

It is often said that everything is bigger in Texas, and the fantastic events going on this fall are no exception. The nations largest, most acclaimed Renaissance event, the Texas Renaissance Festival, will be taking place on weekends throughout October and November, 2014 in Todd Mission, TX. Step back in time as a host of […]

Effects of Chemo on the Feet

There is a certain set of vocabulary that invokes fear, trepidation, and worry: Cancer and Chemo. Cancer is so prevalent in our world that I would wager it impossible to find an individual who has not been touched by it. There has been so much medical research on how to prevent and how to treat, […]

Children and Sports: Protecting Growing Bones

The fall season is prime time for young athletes to be on the football and soccer fields. Keeping kids active is so important, especially with childhood obesity remaining a prominent concern in our nation. As a parent it is important to not only keep children active but to also monitor the level of their activity. […]

Baby Feet

For you new parents, especially you moms, there are so many things that you worry about in the first months of your childs life. Many of the worries that bombard your mind can be set at ease with just a little knowledge and know how. Take for example your childs feet and toenails. There are […]

Running and Ankle Pain

If you have a love for running, there are scores of races this fall taking place in many cities in Texas for you to choose from! There’s a race next Tuesday, Sept 30th that combines a 500 meter swim with a 5k run. If you can’t make it to that race, don’t sweat it! There […]


In lieu of the most recent scientific blog concerning skin grafts I felt it prudent to continue with this discussion on grafts. Skin grafts can be taken directly from yourself (autograft), from another source of the same species (allograft), OR from another species (xenograft). Dermagraft is one such form example of skin grafting. What is […]

Running Through Fall: What You Should Know

It can be a bit depressing when summer is finally over and the impending cold weather is lurking around the corner. You just need to find something to look forward to, and the Color Fun Fest 5K in Houston, TX on November 1, 2014 is just the thing! Black lights, a ton of color, and […]


In continuation of our tour of skin grafts, we will now discuss another form of skin graft substitute: Apligraf. Apligraf has the same indications, as does dermagraft, non-healing wounds such as in diabetics with neuropathy. A common contraindication is in a wound with active infection. Like Dermagraft, Apligraf is cryopreserved after manufacturing and stored for […]