Don’t Be Medieval With Shoes: Orthotics Offer Comfort

It is often said that everything is bigger in Texas, and the fantastic events going on this fall are no exception. The nations largest, most acclaimed Renaissance event, the Texas Renaissance Festival, will be taking place on weekends throughout October and November, 2014 in Todd Mission, TX. Step back in time as a host of activities will take place in the recreated 16th Century British village.

Now, when it comes to your footwear, are you stuck in the old days? If you have problems with your feet, it may be time to take advantage of state-of-the-art options available, such as custom orthotics for your shoes.

Lets first address your shoes. Are you walking around in a pair you have had for 10 years that no longer offers much support or comfort? Before moving into the world of orthotics, step up your footwear standards and get a pair that fit your feet well and offer support and cushioning where you need it. We all have our favorites, or the shoes that brought us good luck in a high school sports game, but the truth is that shoes just dont hold up over time. The structure of the shoe itself can collapse, and this puts you at risk for injury.

Moving on to orthoticsthey are often misunderstood as something reserved for the elderly or those with severe foot problems. The truth is that this type of insert for your shoe can help anyone at any age, whether you have foot pain or not. If you have a developing structural problem such as bunions or adult-acquired flat feet, orthotics can help keep your feet supported and stabilized so the problem doesnt worsen or cause pain. If you do have foot pain, a foot structure problem, or an injury such as a stress fracture on the mend, orthotics are a great tool to not only protect your feet but also give you great comfort and support. There are many different kinds depending what quality you need for your feetsimply extra comfort, or a device that alters the function of your foot.

If you are interested in how orthotics can help your feet feel better, contact Aleisha Allen DPM at Houston Foot Specialists today. You can reach our office in Houston, TX by calling (713) 467-8886.

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