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Can I Still Walk?

The ability to walk is something we take completely for granted. If you have ever lost the ability to walk for a short time due to injury, then you quickly learned how the simple act of walking is so precious. Crutches are no adequate substitute for walking and quite frankly are a pain to deal […]

The Shock of a Lifetime

Plantar fasciitis is very common problem. As Podiatrists it is one of the most common problems we treat on a daily basis. The majority of conditions are successfully treated conservatively. Very few cases require surgical intervention. The standard conservative methods for treating plantar fasciitis are: Stretching Icing Supportive shoes Orthotics NSAIDs However, there are other […]

Support Diabetic Feet with Care and Community

There are many things in life that are just not meant to go through alone. Haunted houses are much easier (and more fun) with a group of friends, a cooking class is a blast when you are creating next to others, and healing through a difficult time is much sweeter with encouraging and supportive friends […]

Topaz, Not Just a Pretty Jewel

If I were to tell you there were a procedure called the Topaz would you think it involved the use of a glittery precious stone? I would hope not, but wouldnt it be amazing if that were truly the case. The Topaz procedure is used as a possible treatment option for plantar fasciitis and heel […]

Burns and You

Burns are not an uncommon occurrence. With BBQs, popularity of outdoor activities, and many occupations surrounding hot objects, you probably know of someone who has experienced some form of burn; if not yourself. Im also fairly certain you have heard various terminologies in regards to burns. The question is if you truly understand the terminology. […]

Conditioning Your Feet for the Houston Color Run

Ready for the craziest and most colorful 5K youll ever do? The Houston Color Run is taking off on Saturday, August 23! If you havent experienced this kind of race before, it is time to get your running shoes ready and prep for an event to remember. You may start the race gleaming white, but […]

The Barefoot Blunder

Its the middle of the summer and the sun is shining brightly. Your feet have been cooped up in your shoes all week and they are begging you for a little freedom. You think why not and you decide to take your feet out for a little adventure and sun as you venture a stroll […]

The Open Fracture

Everyone knows what a fracture is and most people have an idea of what to expect with a basic fracture. However, what if there is a fracture associated with a laceration to where you can see the bone? This is what we call an open fracture. An example of an instance when you might see […]

Naturally Smooth: How to Help Dry Feet

If you have had a health problem arise or felt sick, your grandmother may have shared an old wives method that would cure you once and for all. While certain concoctions made of questionable ingredients might do the trick, there are some things out there that really do work. When it comes to having dry […]

Healthy Nails

The health industry is overflowing with products to improve and maintain ones health. Products range from supplements, to more natural food products (Organic), and countless exercise programs. These are all aimed at general wellness. If you could take an individual part of your body, say your nails, what can you do to improve them? Healthy […]