Conditioning Your Feet for the Houston Color Run

Ready for the craziest and most colorful 5K youll ever do? The Houston Color Run is taking off on Saturday, August 23! If you havent experienced this kind of race before, it is time to get your running shoes ready and prep for an event to remember. You may start the race gleaming white, but you will show every color of the rainbow when you finish. The right preparation before a race is important and your feet may need a bit of conditioning.

All of the balance and forward propulsion that you get while running is in large part due to your feet. They are incredibly designed to withstand a great amount of stress and pressure. However, when theyre not in great working order, you are at risk for pain and injury. We often dont think much about them until they hurt. If you are going to be doing a lot of running or racing, be proactive to make sure your feet are healthy to prevent looming injuries at the finish line.

Your feet can make around 15,000 strikes on the ground during a 10-mile run and Dr. Jeffrey N. Bowman can make sure theyre up to the challenge. He can assess your gait to see how they make contact with the ground and distribute weight and can even check the wear and tear on your current shoes to see if there is a pronation problem.

He also can identify the exact type of shoe you should be wearing, determined by your foot structure, so you can be safe and comfortable on race day. A helpful tool to keep feet fit and conditioned is to use orthotics inside your shoes. They not only offer extra cushioning, but additionally act as little beds of support to keep your feet stable and in proper alignment while you run.

If you love to run and race, we want you to feel confident and finish strong. Your foot health plays a big role in that. If you have any pain or concerns right now, do not hesitate to contact Houston Foot Specialists for a thorough evaluation and treatment. You can reach Dr. Aleisha Allen DPM at our Houston, TX, office by calling (713) 467-8886 or

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