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Effects of Chemo on the Feet

There is a certain set of vocabulary that invokes fear, trepidation, and worry: Cancer and Chemo. Cancer is so prevalent in our world that I would wager it impossible to find an individual who has not been touched by it. There has been so much medical research on how to prevent and how to treat, […]

Running Through Fall: What You Should Know

It can be a bit depressing when summer is finally over and the impending cold weather is lurking around the corner. You just need to find something to look forward to, and the Color Fun Fest 5K in Houston, TX on November 1, 2014 is just the thing! Black lights, a ton of color, and […]

Should You Use Heat or Ice for Injuries?

As the football season starts to gear up, injury is the ugly skeleton in the closet every player hopes to avoid. Even a minor problem can take a player off the lineup and onto the sidelines indefinitely. Starting center for the Texas Longhorns, Dominic Espinosa, went down in his first season game with a broken […]

Improving Your Foot Arch

As your foot hits the ground, it works with the rest of the body to absorb a great amount of stress. A foot with a normal structure is stable but flexible, in order to withstand the demands put on it every day. When the structure is slightly altered, such as the case with a flat […]

Burns and You

Burns are not an uncommon occurrence. With BBQs, popularity of outdoor activities, and many occupations surrounding hot objects, you probably know of someone who has experienced some form of burn; if not yourself. Im also fairly certain you have heard various terminologies in regards to burns. The question is if you truly understand the terminology. […]

Conditioning Your Feet for the Houston Color Run

Ready for the craziest and most colorful 5K youll ever do? The Houston Color Run is taking off on Saturday, August 23! If you havent experienced this kind of race before, it is time to get your running shoes ready and prep for an event to remember. You may start the race gleaming white, but […]

The Barefoot Blunder

Its the middle of the summer and the sun is shining brightly. Your feet have been cooped up in your shoes all week and they are begging you for a little freedom. You think why not and you decide to take your feet out for a little adventure and sun as you venture a stroll […]

Post Marathon Foot Care

Running has become a sport. Some, I daresay, have even become addicted to running. Everywhere I look there seems to be some new marathon or marathon going on. People it seems are always training for the next race. It has become an epidemic in its own right. There are countless articles and training tips on […]

Foot Massage: A Great Reward For Working Hard

What kinds of rewards do you like to get? Perhaps a vacation with points you have accumulated on a credit card, recognition from the boss after months of work on a big project, or simply a tall, cold soda after mowing the lawn? It is nice to be rewarded for the hard work you do. […]

Just a Simple Bunion Surgery………Right?

Without doubt, the more common surgical procedure that your local Podiatric Physician will perform is to correct a bunion. Some might say, its our Bread and Butter surgery. If you were taking a standardized test with a verbal section, you might find something like this: Jim Carey is to Facial expressions AS a Podiatrist is […]