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The Truth about Amputation

Amputation, a word that is unlikely if ever going to paint a picture of rainbows and butterflies. It is a word that invokes graphic images to mind as you might recall pictures from the various wars that have been fought. It is word of negativity that makes you sigh deeply as you try not to […]

Travel Safety Tips

How often have we heard horror stories of a person who suffered a DVT (deep vein thrombosis) or PE (pulmonary embolism) during or after long trips? It has become such a worry that we have taken many measures to reduce ones risk of developing such problems. What are those measures? DVT/PE Prevention Tip #1: Compression […]

Bite is worse than His Bark

Animal bites are very common, especially on the hands and feet. Dog and cat bites make up the majority of animal bites because they are the most common household pets. What should you know about dog or cat bites? First of all, cat bites are more likely to become infected because they are mostly deep […]

Winter Preparation For Feet

The winter months are fast approaching and despite the fact that winter in the southeastern Texas region could be considered fall in other parts of the country, there are several factors that could spell trouble to your feet. I can see the wheels in your brain spinning with on question brewing. What trouble? Winter equals […]

Halloween Safety Tips for the Injured

Halloween can be so much fun, but if you are nursing an injury, it can also be very dangerous. Think about getting around your house on one footits hard! Now think about traversing the neighborhood with your child collecting candy! Here are a few tips that can help keep you safe on Halloween despite your […]

Summer Blues and Your Feet

As the summer months roll on and the heat and humidity continue to climb, there are certain things you should take in to consideration in keeping your feet healthy. High heat and humidity = sweat. Sweat, especially of the foot is one piece to the puzzle of fungus. Fungus has a proclivity for moist, dark […]

Pedicure Awareness. What Could Go Wrong?

The stress has reached a level you can no longer stand and all you can think about is how soothing a good pedicure would be. The weekend is upon you and so you schedule a pedicure with the hope of complete relaxation. Besides, what could possibly go wrong? LOTS!!! Lets look at a few of […]

Foot and Ankle Questions? Ask The Foot Doctor Blog Is Here!

This week I thought we would do something different for a blog. Instead of a specific topic, once a month I will have an Ask Dr. Bowman questions blog by simply posting your questions on the comment section of the blog and I will answer them as I can. You can ask anything regarding the […]

Do You Want Baby Feet? Get Smooth, Great Feeling Feet Again!

Tired of thick callus on your feet that makes them ache? Does your partner move away when you rub your feet against them? You need Baby Feet! No, its not a transplant from a babys foot. Its a micro-dermabrasion for your feet that can be done at home. No fuss, no muss, no dead skin […]

Why Bob Marley needed a Podiatrist? May Is Skin Cancer Month!

Very few celebrities do I consider worth the public’s praise. Most overindulge in lavishness and ruin their god-given talents by destroying their bodies through drugs and riotous living. Although he was far from perfect, Nesta Robert “Bob” Marley is one of the few celebrity figures I admire. Why am I bringing up Bob Marley? May […]