Halloween Safety Tips for the Injured

Halloween can be so much fun, but if you are nursing an injury, it can also be very dangerous. Think about getting around your house on one footits hard! Now think about traversing the neighborhood with your child collecting candy! Here are a few tips that can help keep you safe on Halloween despite your injury.

Costume Design

If you are going to wear a costume this Halloween, you will want to think of safety first. Dont wear a mask that doesnt allow you to see out from every angle. Make sure none of the costume hangs down around your crutches so you dont get hung up on it. Make sure you costume isnt too tight either so you can move freely and easily. You may have to sacrifice some of the cool elements of your costume, but you need to put safety above everything else.


Trick or treating is most fun when its dark or nearly dark outside. Your children probably take glow sticks with them and you squint your way through the evening. This year, however, you need to be able to see where youre going every time you take a step. Something as simple as a piece of candy under your crutch could throw you off and cause you to hurt yourself. Take a flash light with you and have someone shine it in front of you at all times so you can see anything and everything that might be in your way.

Too Much Action

Halloween can include a lot of festivities like parties, trick or treating and more. This year, you might have to slow down in order to keep yourself safe and keep your recovery on track. Make sure you get extra rest and participate only in your favorite parts of the holiday. If you want to watch your children trick or treat, skip the neighborhood party. You can get back to doing it all again next year.

Candy Cravings

Its not unusual to dig into the candy bag on Halloween, but when you are in recovery, you will want to watch how much you eat. Your body needs extra nutrients to heal itself and if you fill yourself with junk, you wont have room for the good stuff. Take a few pieces of candy, but make sure you eat your fruits and veggies too so that you body gets what it needs to help you heal.

Alternatives to Crutches

In order to keep you with your children and stay even safer on Halloween, you might want to consider one of the three alternatives to crutches from Goodbye Crutches. The Hands Free Crutch, for example, allows you to walk much like normal while retaining the use of both hands. You can still carry your childs treat bucket when it gets too heavy! The Knee Scooter can help you feel balanced even when children are racing around you to get to the next doorstep. And the Seated Scooter gives you a place to sit and rest while your children are ringing doorbells. Any of these three mobility options can help you get around on Halloween, but even better than that, they can raise your level of safety and even increase how easily you can do things in your everyday life.

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