Do You Want Baby Feet? Get Smooth, Great Feeling Feet Again!

Tired of thick callus on your feet that makes them ache? Does your partner move away when you rub your feet against them? You need Baby Feet! No, its not a transplant from a babys foot. Its a micro-dermabrasion for your feet that can be done at home. No fuss, no muss, no dead skin flying all over your bathroom. Simple, easy and inexpensive to get those smooth baby feet back like you had as a child

Our feet have up to 80 layers of dead skin. No wonder pumice stones cant make a dent. Baby Foot is a simple product available at Houston Foot Specialists that is all natural and can make those thick callous disappear. Simple to apply as well. Place your feet into booties available in the kit with alpha hydroxyl acid for a simple hour. After a few days to a week the thick calloused skin that you couldnt get rid of is gone and lasts a couple of months. You will love the way your feet feel and you will walk more comfortable in shoes and not to mention how much better they will look during the summer months in open shoes and sandals.

If you have diabetes, consult with Dr. Bowman before using it. Simple, Quick and inexpensive way to get your feet to feel like a babies again. Not to mention, its Dr. Bowmans wifes favorite product. Its great for mens feet as well without the embarrassment of being seen in a nail salon.

Contact Dr. Bowman at 713-467-8886 to purchase this product and even ship it for a nominal fee or feel free to come by and pick up a kit.

If you have dry cracked skin you are concerned with Dr. Bowman is always available to discuss it with you and explain any underlying conditions you may have. Call 713-467-8886 for more information or visit for an online appointment.

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