Pedicure Awareness. What Could Go Wrong?

The stress has reached a level you can no longer stand and all you can think about is how soothing a good pedicure would be. The weekend is upon you and so you schedule a pedicure with the hope of complete relaxation. Besides, what could possibly go wrong?


Lets look at a few of the possibilities.

  • Most places use a pumice stone or a Ped Egg type device to shave those irritable and disgusting calluses. There is nothing wrong in doing so, but the problem comes when the calluses are shaved too aggressively. This can create a portal for bacteria or fungus to enter and cause all sorts of havoc, especially for diabetics.
  • Many spas use different types of solutions and chemicals to cleanse or soak your feet. Any of these chemicals/solutions can cause skin irritation.
  • As has been discussed in a prior blog, there is always a risk of developing an ingrown toenail from improper trimming. Whoever is cutting your nails may not understand the proper way to trim a nail or may be too aggressive, again increasing your chance of an ingrown.
  • Instrumentation may not be sterilized and can thus pass on fungal or bacterial cells to you. Fungus is easily transmittable from one person to another. These organisms can live for days on objects, especially if not properly cleaned.

I am in no way against pedicures and the associated spa treatments available. I only encourage you to be cognizant of the potential risks, and research any spa or nail salon you want to visit prior to receiving any treatment. Or talk to Dr. Bowman about a product in his office called Baby Feet which is safe and simple. Dr. Bowman is always willing to answer any questions or concerns you may have about the health of your feet and can be contacted by calling 713-467-8886. You can also request an appointment online.

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