Foot and Ankle Questions? Ask The Foot Doctor Blog Is Here!

This week I thought we would do something different for a blog. Instead of a specific topic, once a month I will have an Ask Dr. Bowman questions blog by simply posting your questions on the comment section of the blog and I will answer them as I can. You can ask anything regarding the foot and ankle from an ingrown nail to a triple athrodesis. From how is surgery performed to post-operative recovery. You can ask anything foot or ankle related.

This will be an open conversation from a Thursday through Monday every month with most of your questions being addressed over the weekend when I have more time. You could live where I practice in Houston, Texas or you could live in Florence, Italy. As long as its in English we are good to go.

So the ask Dr. Bowman Blog starts today, Thursday, June 19th and ends on Sunday night June 22nd. To make it easier to get a question trough you can tweet me a message on Twitter (@houstonfoot) or on Houston Foot Specialists Facebook page.

So lets have some fun and ask some questions that you think others might want to know as well.

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