Running Through Fall: What You Should Know

It can be a bit depressing when summer is finally over and the impending cold weather is lurking around the corner. You just need to find something to look forward to, and the Color Fun Fest 5K in Houston, TX on November 1, 2014 is just the thing! Black lights, a ton of color, and a great party will make this run one to remember. If you love running, there are some ways to protect your feet during the transition between seasons, and the right footwear plays a big role.

Many runners appreciate the arrival of fall as the cooler temperatures and gorgeous scenery make for the perfect setting for a great run. Whether you have a race coming up in the next few months, or are just looking to keep a steady routine going, there are some tips we can offer as foot health experts to keep you safe and healthy.

First, put on socks and shoes that will be warm, comfortable and protective. Early morning dew can make surfaces slippery, so wear a shoe with good traction and waterproofing material. Socks should be of a synthetic material so they will wick any moisture away from your skin. There is nothing worse than running in cold, wet feet.

Second, while you may be tempted to wear several different layers in the effort to be prepared when the weather cools, you may actually get too hot and overheat. Instead, wear just a layer of lighter, looser clothing that will wick moisture away from your body and a light jacket that will keep you warm and break the wind.

Third, remember that even if it is cooler out, you still need to stay hydrated. If it is really chilly in the morning, dont forget to allow for an extra ten minutes of warm up time, too, to protect against a muscle injury.

We love helping runners stay at the top of their gameif you have any foot pain or concerns about your foot health, contact Dr. Aleisha Allenat Houston Foot Specialists for answers and treatment. You can reach our office in Houston, TX by calling (713) 467-8886.

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