Baby Feet

For you new parents, especially you moms, there are so many things that you worry about in the first months of your childs life. Many of the worries that bombard your mind can be set at ease with just a little knowledge and know how.

Take for example your childs feet and toenails. There are quick and easy steps you can take on a daily basis, if needed, to prevent possible future foot problems.

Foot care for your little bundle:


  1. If not care for properly it is quite easy for your little one to develop an ingrown toenail.
  2. Prevention:
    1. Trim the toenail in a straight line
      • Dont trim too short
      • Dont leave too long
      • NOTE: the nail should be left long enough to just cover the end of the toe

The sharp corners can be gently filed with a fine grit Emory board.


  • The best time to examine your babies feet is during and after bath time
  • Often times your bundle of joy will have dry feet under and between the toes.
    • In such a case it is recommended that you apply a healthy dose of baby moisturizing lotion to the affected areas.
    • If you baby has the opposite issue, then a talcum powder is recommended for drying purposes.
  • NOTE: the skin of your child may change on a daily basis so it is best to be prepared for either situation.

3.Socks and Shoes

  • If either is to be used it is best to keep them loose fitting: nothing constricting.
  • Soft cotton and wool are the recommended choices for socks
  • Leather is recommended choice for shoes.

These are just a few simple things you can do on a daily basis to help keep your babies feet and nails healthy.

If you are in need of a caring foot and ankle physician to tend to your childs OR your feet, you can contact Dr. Bowman at 713-467-8886 or visit

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