Category: Foot Care for Children

Children and Sports: Protecting Growing Bones

The fall season is prime time for young athletes to be on the football and soccer fields. Keeping kids active is so important, especially with childhood obesity remaining a prominent concern in our nation. As a parent it is important to not only keep children active but to also monitor the level of their activity. […]

Baby Feet

For you new parents, especially you moms, there are so many things that you worry about in the first months of your childs life. Many of the worries that bombard your mind can be set at ease with just a little knowledge and know how. Take for example your childs feet and toenails. There are […]

The Pediatric Walker

There are countless objects and events in this world that can officially carry the classification of cute/precious. However, in my humble opinion, there is nothing more precious/cute than watching a child learn to walk and then progress. We will look at the differences in the gait pattern of a 1 yr old to a 3 […]