To Prevent Ingrown Toenails Make Sure the Shoe Fits

We all know that Cinderella left her glass slipper on the stairs at the ball while dashing to the carriage before it turned back into a pumpkin at the final stroke of midnight. Then the handsome Prince went around the kingdom in hopes of finding the rightful owner. Several wannabe princesses tried to cram their feet into the delicate slipper and were disappointed to find out that the fit was too tight. Well, they should have considered themselves fortunate for not ending up with an ill-fitting slipperthose ladies could have developed highly painful ingrown toenails!

Many people are aware of the fact that a key culprit to ingrown toenails is poor nail-trimming skills, but few realize that choice in footwear, especially with regard to size, can also lead to this condition. When you are purchasing new shoesor trying on glass slippersmake sure that the fit is comfortable for your feet. Shoes that are too short or too tight can create toe pain from nails becoming ingrown. Instead, find a pair that has plenty of room in the toe area (without being too loose) and walk around in them to be sure they fit and feel right for you.

If you are experiencing toe pain, check for such symptoms as: swelling around toenail edges, pink or red coloring, and/or liquid or pus discharges (which no princessor princeever wants to experience). Should you observe any of these signs, schedule an appointment with the Houston Foot Specialists. We can determine if infection has set in and identify what treatment you will need. If you suspect that poor-fitting footwear has led to ingrown toenails, contact Dr. Aleisha Allen in Houston, TX, by calling (713) 467-8886 today.

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