Bunions: Adolescents Can Get These Bony Bumps Too

Teenagers are usually on the go with a great number of things keeping them busyschool, extra curricular interests, sports, friends, and more. Sometimes the pressures of life can be a lot to handle for a young one but it can be even more frustrating when a foot problem is the one thing keeping them from enjoying their activities. If there is a bump on your childs foot by the big toe joint, it is likely an adolescent bunion. If so, it is important to maintain proper health care so the problem doesnt get worse.

Bunions are a common foot deformity and often believed to be a problem reserved for older people. The truth is that teens can get them too and they can turn problematic and painful if not addressed. A leading factor that causes this deformity to develop is having an inherited foot structure that makes one prone to the condition. Faulty mechanics can impact the way the foot handles and distributes weight and the big toe joint can be adversely affected. When the joint becomes compromised over time, the big toe can begin to lean inward, causing the joint to stick out. Another factor is wearing shoes that are too small and/or tight, particular in the toe box. Growing kids and young ladies who wear high heel shoes on a regular basis could be increasing their risk for bunions.

Parents, any complaints of foot pain should always be checked into. Foot pain is never normal and should not be assumed to be simple growing pains. If you see a bump on your childs foot, swelling around the base of the big toe, or if they complain of pain while wearing shoes or during activity, bring them in to be evaluated by De. Aleisha Allen. We can evaluate his or her gait, walking alignment and joint mobility. We may take an X-ray to confirm a bunion diagnosis and the extent of the joint damage. Surgery is rarely necessary but intervention and prevention are both important to ensure the problem is caught quickly before it worsens.

If you have any concerns about your childs foot health or see the signs of an adolescent bunion starting, contact Houston Foot Specialists for an appointment with Dr. Aleisha Allen. You can reach our office in Houston, TX by calling 713-467-8886.

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