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Bunions: Adolescents Can Get These Bony Bumps Too

Teenagers are usually on the go with a great number of things keeping them busyschool, extra curricular interests, sports, friends, and more. Sometimes the pressures of life can be a lot to handle for a young one but it can be even more frustrating when a foot problem is the one thing keeping them from […]

Shoes for Bunions Among Spring Shoe Trends

Fashion Week in Paris, France, wrapped up at the beginning of the month and the lines that came down the runways were colorful, creative, and stunning. What is trending in shoes is always a hot topic, and the styles for 2014 do not disappoint. If you have a bunion problem, you may think that you […]

Bunion Pain on Race Day

Called, The best way to brighten your life, the Color Me Rad 5K is coming to Houston, TX, and you will not want to miss out on this one. Runners start decked all in white, but as the race starts off with color bombs and cannons, you will immediately find yourself in a different world. […]