Shoes for Bunions Among Spring Shoe Trends

Fashion Week in Paris, France, wrapped up at the beginning of the month and the lines that came down the runways were colorful, creative, and stunning. What is trending in shoes is always a hot topic, and the styles for 2014 do not disappoint. If you have a bunion problem, you may think that you are limited to shoes that your grandmother would wear, but there are shoes for bunions that dont sacrifice fashion for comfort.

When you have a bump on the side of your foot, the characteristic symptom of a bunion, a style you want to avoid is one that is high heeled, tight, and pointy. These just do not give your feet enough wiggle room to stay comfortable all-day and healthy long-term. This year, a great spring shoe option is an open-toed, strappy wedge. At a medium height, the wedge is comfortable to walk in and the straps give your feet room to breathe.

For a night out, opt for a lower heel with an open toe style. The lower heel reduces the pressure on the ball of your foot and the open toe offers a wider toe box to accommodate for the bunion. If you prefer a flat shoe, a gladiator style with non-constricting straps is stylish without adding pressure on your feet. Try to find a style that has a bit of cushioning in the sole for added comfort during the day. If you will be on your feet all day at work or shopping around, opt for a spring shoe such as the Dansko Professional that offers a high toe box, contoured foot-bed, and a slightly raised heel, and comes in a myriad of colors.

Bunions do not have to take over your life. At Houston Foot Specialists, we have many effective treatment options to keep you active and pain free. Contact Aleisha Allen DPM at (713) 467-8886 or request an appointment with our Houston, TX office online.

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