Stay Active with Simple Ways to Prevent Ankle Sprains

Many large cities in the US are rich in culture and history, and Houston, TX, is one of them. Sign up for the Rice Village Chocolate Safari held every Saturday until May 24, 2014! Learn about the history of chocolate as you walk along Rice Boulevard and visit unique chocolate shops and restaurants. Before you go and while you are out, observe simple ways to prevent ankle sprains so a day on your feet doesnt lead to a day of foot pain.

Second, wear shoes that are made for the activity you are doing. Whether you play a pick-up game of basketball or spend time on the soccer field, wearing the right shoes for the sport you are doing will keep your feet and ankles safe. If youve experienced an ankle injury before, you may want to tape or brace your ankle. An old injury can cause instability, especially if it did not heal well, making prevention efforts that much more important. Our office can also provide stability training and balance exercises to strengthen your ankles if you are concerned about another injury.The most important factor in preventing ankle sprains is what you wear on your feet. This goes for athletic activities, mall-walking, or playing tourist in your own city. The shoes you wear should fit your feet well. Floppy shoes that slip around on your feet do not provide the stability you need and could cause you to trip. High heels are also a bad choice. Towering on a thin, high heel is a recipe for disaster. Stepping in even a small crack on the sidewalk can cause your foot to topple over and stretch your ankle beyond its limits.

A little goes a long way, and these simple decisions can make a big difference in allowing you to stay active and pain free. An ankle injury without the right treatment can lead to chronic problems. Contact Dr. Aleisha Allen for more information or to treat a foot or ankle injury. Call our Houston, TX office today at (713) 467-8886 or request an appointment online.

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