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Running and Ankle Pain

If you have a love for running, there are scores of races this fall taking place in many cities in Texas for you to choose from! There’s a race next Tuesday, Sept 30th that combines a 500 meter swim with a 5k run. If you can’t make it to that race, don’t sweat it! There […]

Stay Active with Simple Ways to Prevent Ankle Sprains

Many large cities in the US are rich in culture and history, and Houston, TX, is one of them. Sign up for the Rice Village Chocolate Safari held every Saturday until May 24, 2014! Learn about the history of chocolate as you walk along Rice Boulevard and visit unique chocolate shops and restaurants. Before you […]

The Fibular Fracture, Woe of the Astro’s

For all you die hard Houston Astros fans, there is always hope of tomorrow. Just remember that things cant get any worse when you are already at the bottom. Hang tough and support your team, even through the rocky times. Lets face it, we have a history of our sports teams having high expectations that […]

How to Achieve Freedom During a Non

If you injured yourself or went through foot or ankle surgery, you might find yourself in a non-weight bearing period. You might feel like there are all sorts of things you can no longer do and that makes you feel rather limited. But there are things you can do in order to achieve a certain […]

World Cup Craziness

For you soccer hooligans OR Football fanatics, the grand event is upon you: The World Cup. Hosted by Brazil, you can imagine the excitement and enthusiasm is palpable, not to mention the heat and humidity. As elite athletes from across the globe gather, their years of training as well as their innate abilities are called […]

Han Solo’s Fractured Ankle

There are certain things in life that I would label MUST DOs. To name a few: playing in the rain, Chinese fire drills, eating a ballpark AT the ballpark, AND watching Star Wars (the original trilogy, not the ones with the side show antics of Jar-Jar Binks, aka Worst Character Ever). Lets be honest, what […]

Easy Home Remedies for Ankle Pain

Houston is swinging into summer with a fantastic event coming up May 24, 2014the Carnival Houston. This exciting day will celebrate the music, food and costumes from the Caribbean, Brazil, and New Orleans. Get your feet ready to samba and join in on the fun! If you are going to miss out on an event […]

I Have Horse Feet?

Your doctor just informed you that you have equinus. I bet you didnt know people could have horse feet. Does this mean that you can contend for the Triple Crown? Only if you dont mind having a tiny person sit on your back and whip you from time to time. All joking aside, you do […]

Don’t Be That Person. Get Strong Ankles!

Sitting on the floor of the stage, head bowed, a twinge of pain in your ankle, a life time of embarrassment; you wonder how this could have been avoided. Cue Wayne and Garths flashback effects. You are finishing your daily exercise class at the gym and the instructor, in passing, mentions a new class the […]

Ankle Arthroscopy, Candles and Mirrors to See Inside Your Ankle?

Knee scopes are one of the most common procedures offered from Orthopedic Surgeons for a multitude of knee complaints. The use of a “scope” or “arthroscopic” surgeries has made an increase in the foot and ankle. Arthroscopic literally means to look inside of a joint. This is done with the use of a very small, […]