Han Solo’s Fractured Ankle

There are certain things in life that I would label MUST DOs. To name a few: playing in the rain, Chinese fire drills, eating a ballpark AT the ballpark, AND watching Star Wars (the original trilogy, not the ones with the side show antics of Jar-Jar Binks, aka Worst Character Ever). Lets be honest, what child or for that matter adult, hasnt dreamed of having The Force as your ally. Who wouldnt want to wield a light saber or ride a TaunTaun (yes this is the correct spelling AND yes they do smell better on the outside). To be Luke Skywalker and have Droids, Wookies, and starship pilots (Han Solo) as your friends. What fun that would be. Having shown my obvious fanaticism with Star Wars, a small catastrophe has struck in the making of the next the installment. Han Solo (Harrison Ford) has suffered an ankle injury. The exact injury has not been released. What could be wrong?

1. Ankle Sprain the most common is of the lateral (outside) ligaments. There are 3 major ligaments that one could injure: the Anterior Talofibular (ATFL), the Calcaneofibular (CFL), and the Posterior Talofibular (PTFL). Of these 3, the ATFL and CFL are the more commonly injured. Severity depends on how many ligaments are injured and to what extent. If the injury is minor, then several weeks of limited activity in some form of brace is typically all you need, supplemented with ICE/NSAIDs/Elevation. More severe injuries may require surgical intervention.

2. Ankle Fracture there is nothing minor about a fracture because the recovery is not quick, or as quick as a sprain. It typically takes anywhere from 6-8 weeks for a fracture to heal. This number is based on patient compliance as well as no major health conditions that would delay the healing process. Some fracture types dont require surgical intervention. More severe fractures; fragment dislocation, comminution, OR joint involvement.

3. The Dark Side of The Force is trying to keep this film from being produced and have successfully used their Jedi mind powers causing Han Solo to stumble..I mean, one of the other two possibilities.

Have no fear though, with Luke Skywalker as your brother-in-law and amazing space-aged medical technology, Han Solo will be zipping around in the Millennium Falcon in no time. If they can give Luke a new robotic hand, then they can heal a bum ankle.

Unfortunately we dont have that kind of medical technology yet. However, we do have excellent trained and caring physicians who specialize in the foot and ankle. If you are in need of such an individual, please contact Dr. Bowman at 713-467-8886 or visit www.houstonfootspecialists.com.

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