How to Achieve Freedom During a Non

If you injured yourself or went through foot or ankle surgery, you might find yourself in a non-weight bearing period. You might feel like there are all sorts of things you can no longer do and that makes you feel rather limited. But there are things you can do in order to achieve a certain level of freedom again. Here are a few suggestions.

Get Creative

If you are having trouble getting around on your crutches AND carrying everything you need at the same time, get a little creative. Wear a backpack instead of carrying a purse or get a bag that attaches to your crutches for your wallet and keys. When you think in a creative manner, you will find a new way to do old things in order to restore your freedom as much as possible.

Get Off the Crutches
You might think that using crutches is the only way you can get around during your non-weight bearing period, but modern technology has made that quite untrue. In fact, Goodbye Crutches has three options to consider as alternatives to crutches. The Hands Free Crutch is a great example of getting your mobility back into top form while you recover. You will even have the use of both of your hands whenever you are going from place to place too! The Knee Scooter can help you get around faster than ever before and the Seated Scooter allows you to move around while you conserve energy. Any of the three devices can give you freedom in mobility.

Stay Safe
When you have to stand on one leg no matter what you are doing, your safety needs to be a top concern. When it comes to getting clean, you might feel like you have to resort to taking a bath just so you dont fall over in the shower. If you DO shower, its a short session because you cant stand on one leg that long without the help of your crutches. If you want the freedom back to shower safely for as long as you want, all you need is an adjustable shower stool and perhaps a few grab bars to help you out as well. You wont need help in or out of the shower any more and you can trust that you will be safe and free from accidents. Make sure to wear a cast cover to keep those dressings dry.

Make Arrangements
Its amazing the amount of things that you can have delivered to your house these days. If you are tired of asking friends for extra help all of the time, you can go online to area grocery stores and have food delivered to your home. There are online companies that deliver pre-packaged meals. You can order food from restaurants for delivery. The options are limitless. IF your friends and family want to help, by all means let them, but if you want to get some freedom back in taking care of yourself, there are plenty of arrangements you can make on your own.

Itll be a while before you feel completely free. But these tips will help you restore your freedom in part as you work through the non-weight bearing aspects of your recovery process. Visit Goodbye Crutches for more ideas and products to help you recover as easily as possible and contact Dr. Jeff Bowman at 713-467-8886 for all your foot woes or visit for online appointments.

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