The Fibular Fracture, Woe of the Astro’s

For all you die hard Houston Astros fans, there is always hope of tomorrow. Just remember that things cant get any worse when you are already at the bottom. Hang tough and support your team, even through the rocky times. Lets face it, we have a history of our sports teams having high expectations that tend to almost always fall short.

If you havent heard the latest Astros woes then I honestly hate to be the bearer of bad news. The young and aspiring star infielder 19 y/o shortstop Carlos Correa suffered a fibular fracture while sliding into a base. Surgical correction was performed, but due to the healing process and the needed rehab he will miss the majority, if not the entire season.

The most common cause of a fibular fracture is from an inversion type injury with external rotation of the talus within the ankle joint. If the fracture is in proper alignment with no disruption of the ankle joint, then non-weight bearing management would be the initial course of action. However, malalignment and ankle joint disruption is a primary reason for surgical correction. Bone typically takes anywhere from 6-8 weeks to heal. This time is increased with any major medical condition that may slow the healing process (i.e. Diabetes, smoking) or with early range of motion.

With proper rehab, he should hopefully be back in the line up to help lead the Astros to victory; or at least we can hope.

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