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Ankle Sprains

Snap, crackle, POP! Ankle sprains are one of the most common complaints in young athletes but can also occur in any age group and lifestyle. Here is the “need to know” about sprains: Inversion (foot twisting inward) ankle sprains are more common due to the anatomy of the ankle joint being stronger and more taught […]

Why Do I Keep Getting Ankle Sprains? The Lowdown on Chronic Ankle Sprains

Chronic ankle sprains, also known as ankle instability, are usually due to repetitive accidents or injuries to the ankle joint. This differs from an acute ankle sprain when only one injury occurs. I often get asked by my patients, Why does my ankle give way simply from walking? I answer by asking, How many times […]

Is it a broken bone or a sprained ankle?

Dallas Cowboys cornerback Orlando Scandrick is out for the next 3-4 weeks with an ankle injury suffered in Sunday’s season-opening loss to the New York Jets. While it is not always easy to determine if it is a sprain or a fracture the only way to be sure is through an x-ray ankle sprains are […]

What is a Brace and Who We Recommend?

Have you had problems with ankle injuries? With Achilles Tendinosois? How about flat feet? If you have any of these foot and ankle related problems, you might need to look into getting a Colorado Custom Brace. These braces are designed to fit your feet without any prefabricated components to help insure a completely perfect fit. […]