What is a Brace and Who We Recommend?

Have you had problems with ankle injuries? With Achilles Tendinosois? How about flat feet? If you have any of these foot and ankle related problems, you might need to look into getting a Colorado Custom Brace. These braces are designed to fit your feet without any prefabricated components to help insure a completely perfect fit. This way the brace fits comfortably and will help treat and prevent many foot and ankle related issues. The Colorado Custom Brace is made by the Rocky Mountain Orthotic and Brace Company, and it is the best brace available today. There is more information about this brace on our website. It is made of leather that is of Orthopedic grade, meaning it is durable and comfortable. It is custom made to fit your feet and only your feet, no one elses. A brace also will correct many problems so that you dont have to endure surgery. It helps conditions problems like drop foot after a stroke, helps those with conditions like MS and Muscular Dystrophy and also helps to prevent falls in the elderly.

You might be wondering if the brace is bulky and that youll have to buy new shoes just to be able to wear the brace, but the brace is designed to be discreet, making it able to fit into all shoes. Meaning you wont have to go out and buy new shoes just to wear with your brace, but it will fit in the shoes you already own. So are you interested in learning more? First take a look at Colorado Custom Brace at this link – http://www.rmolink.com/rocky_mountain_custom.html, and also look around the Rocky Mountain Orthotic and Brace Companys website to see what else they have to offer. Next step would be to go and ask your podiatrist to help you get into one of these braces. If you dont have a podiatrist, we would love to talk to you and answer your questions.

Check out our website at https://www.houstonfootspecialists.com/ or give us a call at 713-467-8886. Dont put off taking care of your feet anymore, but make sure your feet are happy feet and injury free!

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