Qualities of Good Baseball Cleats

The game of baseball, Americas favorite pastime, can be a brutal sport. Players push themselves to the limit and sometimes find themselves at the mercy of others. This was the case for Houston Astros outfield prospect Delino DeShields, Jr. as he suffered a broken cheekbone after being hit in the face by a 90-mph fastball during a game April 18, 2014. If you love to play this sport, there are some things that you cant control. Your foot health and prevention of injury is mostly within your control, however, and it starts with the right baseball cleats.

The game surface and the types of movements required are the reasons cleats are used for baseball. The spikes or projections on the sole of the shoe provide grip and traction, and the style of shoe offers support and control for the foot as the player moves. Many leagues have regulations on the types of materials allowed, and metal spikes are often prohibited. First make sure you are buying the right kind of cleat. Second, the fit is the most important aspect. Look for cleats with a wide enough toe box so your toes have room to wiggle. You should not feel the upper of the shoe stretching at all to accommodate the widest part of your foot. The cleats should feel snug but not too tight. The heel cup should fit your heel snugly as well, although not so much that it rubs against the back of your heel.

Shoes that dont fit properly or have poor cushioning and support could lead to plantar fasciitis, blisters, sprains, and Achilles tendon injuries. If you have been playing with pain, do not risk being sidelined for goodcontact Dr. Aleisha Allen at Houston Foot Specialists for an evaluation to find the source of your discomfort. Call our Houston, TX office at (713) 467-8886 for an appointment today.

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