Everyone Likes to be Included

Nobody likes to be excluded, not even you introverted people. At some point, everyone wants to be thought of and included. I might even go as far as to say that everything also likes to be included, even cysts. Cysts that want to be included are called Inclusion Cysts. It is okay to snicker, chuckle, guffaw, or shake your head in adamant disapproval of my humor. I promise I will not be offended. What is an inclusion cyst and how do you treat?

The What:

  • An inclusion cyst in the foot may occur following trauma of some sort; such as stepping on something.
  • It is formed when epidermal (outer portions of the skin) are embedded within the dermis (deeper portion of the skin).
    • Think of it like this: Blow up a balloon a little ways and then push your finger into the outer portion of the balloon. You will notice that the balloon forms a pocket around your finger and almost closes off around your finger. This is pretty much what happens when an inclusion cyst is formed.
  • They can become very painful, especially if located on a weight-bearing portion of your foot.


If they are not painful, they can be left alone and may resolve on there on in time.

Steroid injections within the lesion may help resolve the issue.

If they are painful or infected, they can be surgically excised.

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