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Flat Feet or High Arches: Know Your Foot Type

The arrival of fall often brings change. Many are starting school or a new job, or perhaps the shift to cooler weather is giving you the desire for a wardrobe overhaul. Shoes are definitely a favorite accessorythe abundance of new styles lining shelves and on display in storefront windows are a testament to that. When […]

Everyone Likes to be Included

Nobody likes to be excluded, not even you introverted people. At some point, everyone wants to be thought of and included. I might even go as far as to say that everything also likes to be included, even cysts. Cysts that want to be included are called Inclusion Cysts. It is okay to snicker, chuckle, […]

The Return of the Bunion

We have discussed in prior blogs what a bunion is AND that not all bunions are alike and thus are not to be treated alike. I will not revisit the details of the how a bunion forms nor the treatment options that your Podiatric physician must weigh. What you must understand however is that it […]

Can I Still Walk?

The ability to walk is something we take completely for granted. If you have ever lost the ability to walk for a short time due to injury, then you quickly learned how the simple act of walking is so precious. Crutches are no adequate substitute for walking and quite frankly are a pain to deal […]

The Open Fracture

Everyone knows what a fracture is and most people have an idea of what to expect with a basic fracture. However, what if there is a fracture associated with a laceration to where you can see the bone? This is what we call an open fracture. An example of an instance when you might see […]

Peroneal Tendon Dislocation

When you hear the word dislocation the majority of people will think of some joint; shoulder, hip, etc. They would not be inaccurate in their thinking, but did you know that it is possible to dislocate a tendon? Some are more easily dislocated than others. In the foot and ankle there is one, actually two […]

Summer Time Sweats

Summer is here and several things are upon us: Crazy, school worn children are home and free to roam. Summer time blues, which I never understood because summer is an enjoyable part of the year. Summer time sweats. Probably the more concerning, although bored children can be quite dangerous, especially to the neighborhood cat. What […]

Rheumatoid AND the Foot

Arthritis is that diagnosis that no one wants to hear from their physician. Its like going to Chick-Fil-A and finding out they have no more chicken sandwiches. I think its because there is no true cure except to replace or fuse the joint that is affected, which obviously require surgery. There are many types of […]

Foot Tumor? Plantar Fibroma

We recently discussed Ganglionic cysts, a very common benign lesion that one might encounter on the foot. There are other types of lesions that can affect the foot. Another common lesion is the plantar fibroma. First of all, this is a truly benign lesion so take a deep breath now before we discuss it in […]

The Ganglion and The Foot

You have noticed a soft mass growing on the top of one of your little toes. It hasnt become painful, but it has increased in size over the past months. Out of concern you visit your local Podiatrist who tells you that you have a Ganglionic cyst. Without knowing it, your eyes widen and you […]