Flat Feet or High Arches: Know Your Foot Type

The arrival of fall often brings change. Many are starting school or a new job, or perhaps the shift to cooler weather is giving you the desire for a wardrobe overhaul. Shoes are definitely a favorite accessorythe abundance of new styles lining shelves and on display in storefront windows are a testament to that. When you see a wall full of shoes, what qualities do you look for first? If you have flat feet or high arches, they may need to be considered if you want to avoid foot pain.

You may not always hear, Look for shoes that match your foot structure. It may sound a little funny, but if you have high arches or flat feet, your footwear will make a big difference in the health of your feet long term. Both of these types of foot structures require extra support. A flat foot means that you have little to no arch and a high arch is of course the opposite. When the entire sole touches the ground, the foot has a tendency to overpronate, which means it rolls inward farther than normal. A shoe with extra stability or motion-control will help your foot strike the ground properly. When an arch is high, it often does not absorb shock the way it should, which can be quite painful in a poor fitting pair of shoes. A shoe with a soft midsole and cushioning will be important.

If you arent sure of your foot type, wet the bottom of your foot and step onto a brown paper shopping bag or dark piece of paper. If you see a flat, oblong pancake then chances are you have flat feet. You would only see the heel, the ball of the foot and maybe a thin outside line if you have high arches. If you see about half of your arch, you have what is considered a normal structure. This little piece of information will help guide you to the right kind of shoes that will keep your feet happy and healthy.

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