The Ganglion and The Foot

You have noticed a soft mass growing on the top of one of your little toes. It hasnt become painful, but it has increased in size over the past months. Out of concern you visit your local Podiatrist who tells you that you have a Ganglionic cyst. Without knowing it, your eyes widen and you gasp. The good physician that your Podiatrist is noticed your eyes and heard your gasp and quickly put your mind at ease by providing you valuable information about ganglionic cysts. The following is what he told you.

What is it?

A soft tissue mass that comes from a joint or tendon and filled with a jelly like fluid. Imagine a baggie filled with yellow jello thats what they look like.

Are they malignant?

No. These are completely benign.

How do you treat?

Often, these are self limiting, meaning they will eventually disappear over time. If they are causing pain, you can have them drained or surgically excised.

Fun Fact:

These have been called Bible Cysts because people would try to pop the cyst by hitting it with a Bible.

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