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In the spirit of Halloween, I thought it would be fun to mention a handful of foot related conditions that might truly frighten your Podiatrist. Top 5: 1. Rams Horn Nails thickening and discoloration of toe nails is a normal aspect of aging. However, when complicated by nail Fungus, the nails can take on a […]

The Things We Step In…….On

Its a warm, sunny, summer day. There is a nice breeze blowing through your hair. You decide to take a stroll in your yard and feel the grass between your toes. Shoes would take too much time to don, so you instead you wander out your backdoor, feet bare as the day you were born. […]

My Legs are Not Swollen, They are “Swol”

You just came back from your doctor with a diagnosis of Swol legs. The definition of Swol, according to the Urban Dictionary, is a very muscular/strong all around person. Unfortunately, your doctor was just trying to put a hip spin on swollen. You were diagnosed with swollen legs due to venous insufficiency. What does this […]

Blisters! To Pop or Not to Pop, That is The Question

To Pop or Not to Pop? No, I am not talking about Pringles, collars, or chewing gum. I refer to the dilemma we often have in the face of a blister. There are a few important guidelines you should consider before making the final decision to drain a blister. Is the blister small or large? […]

No Shirt, No Shoes…………No Problem?

We have all accepted the inevitable process of slogging through airport security. We meander through a theme park line, with no exhilarating roller coaster at the end. If you travel often, you are prepared when your time comes to place your bag on the conveyor and step through the metal detector. Your jewelry is off, […]

Tailor’s Bunion: The Surgical Approach

Tailors bunion, or Bunionette, is identical to the bunion most people are familiar with, but found on the base of the 5th toe instead of the 1st toe. It received its name due to the thought that tailors would sit cross legged causing the proverbial bump. Is a Tailors bunion a medical emergency? No. Does […]

Foot Cancer? More Prevalent Than You Think!

May is skin cancer awareness month. When we think of skin cancer we usually think of the leathery old woman in Florida who spends way too much time baking herself into skin cancer. To help share in skin cancer awareness here is some info on common skin cancers of the feet. Squamous Cell Carcinoma begins […]

Osteoarthritis of the Feet and Social Security Disability Benefits

Living with osteoarthritis in your feet can be both painful and exhausting. Although the symptoms of osteoarthritis vary from case to case, the most common symptoms include painful joint damage, swelling, trouble walking, stiffness, and even deformity. Because we rely on our feet to get around each day, having osteoarthritis in your feet can affect […]

Foot Arthritis and Pain Management

If you have been diagnosed with arthritis, or joint inflammation, you know all too well the pain associated with the disease. There are several types of arthritis, but the most common form is osteoarthritis, or wear-and-tear arthritis. Its also referred as degenerative joint disease; its the breakdown of cartilage that cushions the ends of the […]

Pain Under The Toes? Read All About It!

I was asked the other day about a pain directly under the big or “great” toe joint. This is a common complaint among runners and athletes. This area of the foot is the point of propulsion when walking and running. It acts as the last point of lift off before the foot leaves the ground. […]