The Things We Step In…….On

Its a warm, sunny, summer day. There is a nice breeze blowing through your hair. You decide to take a stroll in your yard and feel the grass between your toes. Shoes would take too much time to don, so you instead you wander out your backdoor, feet bare as the day you were born. You take a few steps in the yard, and then you feel a sharp, stabbing sensation on the bottom of your big toe. YOU REALLY STEPPED ON IT THIS TIME.
Its Saturday morning, you wake early to have a few peaceful hours alone before the storm, that being your children, begins to roar. The clutter and chaos of the previous day is evident by the cluttered floor between your bedroom and the kitchen. You bravely wade through the destruction not knowing what lies underneath. Halfway through you feel a sharp sensation on the bottom of your foot. YOU REALLY STEPPED ON IT THIS TIME.

Im sure either of these scenarios is familiar to you personally, or to someone you know. The infamous foreign body that seems to be attracted to the bottom of your foot AS skittles are to a childs nose. So now its obvious there is something in your foot. What to do?

STEP 1: Sit down and take a look.

  • Many times you might not have actually embedded the object into your foot, merely punctured the skin.
  • Sometimes the object is actually lodged into the skin but is visible.
  • Sometimes the object is in the skin, you can feel it poking you, but you cannot see it.

STEP 2: Remove said object if visible.

  • If you do happen to see the object, the best way to remove said object is to reverse it from its direction of entry. This may take a few minutes of observation, but once done, it is best to remove the object in a straight line. If you accidently alter the direction from which the object entered, you could easily break a piece off, leaving it behind and much more difficult to reach.
  • If the object is visible but just under the skin, there are two options you can take:
  • OPTION 1: You can take a sterile needle or razor and gently and carefully create an opening that will allow you to grasp the object. Im sure we have all done this or had one our parents do this. If you are Diabetic I do not recommend you doing this.
  • OPTION 2: Seek the service of a professional if you are not comfortable in removing yourself or have underlying health issues, such as Diabetes and Neuropathy.

STEP 3: If object is not visible:

  • Make an appointment with Dr. Jeff Bowman. X-rays can be taken which in some cases can help locate and identify the foreign body. Excision of the foreign body is mandatory.
  • If the foreign body is left in place, the body will begin to react to it by creating an abscess. This can you make you very ill. It is best to have the foreign body excised surgically before this happens.

As always, if you have concerns or worries about the health of your feet, please contact Dr. Bowman at 713-467-8886 or visit Houston Foot Specialists website for appointments and loads of information.

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