Foot Tumor? Plantar Fibroma

We recently discussed Ganglionic cysts, a very common benign lesion that one might encounter on the foot. There are other types of lesions that can affect the foot. Another common lesion is the plantar fibroma. First of all, this is a truly benign lesion so take a deep breath now before we discuss it in detail.

Where are they located? As its name implies, plantar being the defining word, it is found on the bottom of the foot. It is located within the plantar fascia, that structure that helps support your arch. It is also more commonly located on the medial, or inside, portion of your arch.

What causes it? It is not known why these tumors/lesions form. We know it is a solid proliferation of tissue.

What are the signs/symptoms? Typically the lesions slowly and gradually enlarge over time. Often times these are self limiting tumors, meaning they eventually go away on their own. As they become larger you may experience pain with walking.

How do you treat them? As previously mentioned, these are often resolved on their own. However, if the lesions are large enough to cause severe pain with walking then surgical excision is the only reasonable treatment. Having said that, there is a recurrence rate even after surgical excision. If the tumors are large but not causing pain, shoe inserts can be made with those specific areas off-loaded with the hope that they will go away in time.

Is there a chance for malignant transformation? No. The superficial plantar fibroma is a purely benign lesion that is more of a nuisance than anything else.

Can both feet have them at the same time? Yes. You can have a plantar fibroma in each foot. You can also have multiple fibromas in one foot.

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