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Wound First Aid: Protecting Diabetic Feet

It doesnt take much to injure your foot. Perhaps a new pair of running shoes caused a little blister, or stepping on a sharp toy hiding in the carpet left a small cut in the bottom of your foot. Many of us would give a shrug of the shoulders, use an adhesive bandage, and wait […]

Diabetic Friendly Diet

Mark your calendars for YLCs 2nd Annual Top Gold FORE the Cure Golf Tournament on May 8, 2014 in Houston, TX. The Houston Youth Leadership Committee is hosting this event, which benefits JDRFthe world leader in research for type 1 diabetes. Come on outwhether you have diabetes, know someone who does, or simply want to […]

Diabetes and Foot Ulcers: Preventing A Serious Problem

It wont be too long before white stuff is covering the ground and we can see our breath in the air. If you have made a snowman before, you know that when you just keep rolling a small snowball around, it will get bigger and bigger. We use the term snowball effect as a way […]

Support Diabetic Feet with Care and Community

There are many things in life that are just not meant to go through alone. Haunted houses are much easier (and more fun) with a group of friends, a cooking class is a blast when you are creating next to others, and healing through a difficult time is much sweeter with encouraging and supportive friends […]

Know How to Look: Checklist for Diabetic Foot Care

The most exciting Jazz artists from around the world are about to converge in Houston, TX for the 24th Houston International Jazz Festival. Happening August 1-3, 2014, this is a summer highlight not to be missed. If you live a distance away and will be road-tripping your way there, youll probably make a list of […]

Three Safety Tips for Walking With Diabetes

As you are planting, pruning and picking out your favorites to spruce up your gardens this summer, you may want to check out the Garden Architecture Exhibition at Architecture Center Houston. Get inspired by looking at some of Houstons historic gardens. Spending a day on your feet could be problematic if you have diabetes. Avoid […]

Diabetes and You: The Diabetic Foot Check

You are a recently diagnosed diabetic and have been bombarded with a ton of information about the lifestyle you should now live. On top of this, your primary care physician tells you to inspect your feet daily. What does this mean? Is this similar to a military or government inspection? Do I place a stamp […]

The Joys of Aging Include, but are not Limited to Diabetes:

Discounts at the all you can eat Chinese buffet. Unfortunately, all you can eat is half a plate, so can you truly call it a discount. You can officially use the phrase whipper snapper. No one will mind if you use the motorized scooter at the grocery store. Just dont run anyone over. Driving slow […]

Foot Pain Leads to Diabetes Diagnosis

I have a patient we will call Gail who had been coming in for severe pain to her feet with swelling. Checking her feet I found her pulses were slow and skin temperature was cool. She denied any history of injury or activity that would lead to injury. Because her pain was sharp in nature […]

Sun, Sandals, Shades and Surf for Treatment of Foot Wounds!

Imagine yourself in the most beautiful tropical paradise, enjoying the beach, surf and sun. You immerse yourself in the warm ocean water and dive down to discover the underwater paradise with its variety or colorful creatures and life forms. What if I told you that this was one of the best treatments for non-healing wounds? […]