Know How to Look: Checklist for Diabetic Foot Care

The most exciting Jazz artists from around the world are about to converge in Houston, TX for the 24th Houston International Jazz Festival. Happening August 1-3, 2014, this is a summer highlight not to be missed. If you live a distance away and will be road-tripping your way there, youll probably make a list of all you need to get and do before you go. Lists are very helpful, even with regard to your health. If you have diabetes, foot care is of utmost importance, and going through a checklist each and every day can keep you free of injury, infection, and serious complications.

Poor circulation and neuropathy (nerve damage) are the two main reasons that you need to be checking your feet daily if you have diabetes. These two complications can mean that an injury could happen without you knowing, and the healing process could be compromised if something does occur. Print out this checklist and stick it on your bathroom mirror, or somewhere where you will be reminded to get it done.

  • Check your feet for any redness or signs of irritation. Look for areas that may look blue or black and could indicate bruising or blood flow problems.
  • Look for bald patches where hair is missing.
  • Look for hot spots or blisters and any breaks in the skin.
  • Take note of any calluses forming and any red, peeling or cracking skin, especially between your toes, which could indicate a fungal infection.
  • Have any new feelings of numbness or tingling checked out.
  • Check for sores or ulcers.
  • Inspect your toenails for signs of ingrown nails and any discoloration and thickening, which could mean a toenail fungal infection.

This is a quick inspection that only takes a few minutes but if could save your foot and even your life. Call Dr. Jeff Bowman at Houston Foot Specialists if you notice anything at all. You can reach our Houston, TX office by calling (713) 467-8886 or make an appointment online.

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