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Foot or Leg Amputee Can Still Hurtle Obstacles

Ironman was created as Tony Stark needed an innovation to stay alive. Steve Austin was rebuilt as the $6 million man. The Superhero today is Zac Vawter, who climbed Willis Tower’s 103 stories in Chicago on a bionic leg. His leg responds to electrical impulses from his hamstring muscles so that he actually can consciously […]

Explaining Diabetes Affects On Feet So Patients Understand Diabetes Awareness Month

When people discover I am a Podiatrist they often bring up how “in demand” my profession is. They often base this on how many people they know with foot problems. Their sister the marathon runner, their neighbor with shin splints, their high school teenager withsports injuries. What most people do not realize is that a […]

Motivating Kids to Get Up and Get Moving with Flip2BFit

Technologies negative influence in todays fitness environment In todays world of technology life as we knew it is changing and the world is increasingly getting smaller and smaller. International business is being done with the click of a button. Friendships are maintained through social media and Skype. The benefits of technology are incredible and peoples […]

One Man’s Battle Against Diabetes

I meet a lot of people these days through the world of social media, and one such man I have a strong friendship with and admire is Stuart. I call him Sir Stuart even though he hasnt been knighted yet by the Queen. Stuart lives in a small town in Northern England, and I met […]

Is A Pedicure Safe For Diabetics?

This is a common question for most podiatrists. Lets start with the basics. A lot of diabetic patients have a condition called Neuropathy or LOPS (loss of protective sensation) and have no feeling to their feet. Any cut or scrape no matter how minor can lead to devastating results for a diabetic with these conditions […]