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Technologies negative influence in todays fitness environment
In todays world of technology life as we knew it is changing and the world is increasingly getting smaller and smaller. International business is being done with the click of a button. Friendships are maintained through social media and Skype. The benefits of technology are incredible and peoples lives are automatically organized, scheduled and detailed every minute of everyday. On the opposite side of all this incredible good: Emails have replaced the written letter, video games have replaced interpersonal board games, and texts have replaced phone calls. People are becoming more isolated and living within their own minds. Children are growing up in a world of instantaneous gratification and expect to have everything now! A photo is taken and they instantaneously see what they looked like. They want to watch a TV show so they watch it On Demand. Life has become a workout for our fingertips and our eyes not our bodies.

Fortunately and unfortunately the Human Body hasnt changed and working out only your fingers, your eyes and your mind isnt going to keep you physically healthy.

The media is flooding us with information and documentation about childhood obesity and how it is increasing at staggering rates and that if something is not done about it immediately, by the year 2020 close to 21% of Americas children will be considered obese. Childhood obesity is directly related to this world of technology and our childrens need for instantaneous gratification.

There is a lot of chatter about how to fight this disease and what needs to be done, but the pure simple fact is that parents need to accept responsibility for their children and get them up off the couch and away from their technology and back in to life in the real world. The facts are simple. Eating healthy, getting enough sleep, taking an active role in some sort of movement on a daily basis, understanding ones inner feelings and emotions, and assuring a positive mind body connection will reduce childhood obesity and allow todays children to grow up and be tomorrows healthy adults.

Statistics show that 1 in 3 children born today will develop diabetes and have other health issues not only causing an extreme drain on health care as we know it today but decreasing life expectancies for the first time in history.

Obesity effects go far beyond that of heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes or the social stigma of being overweight. Think about the incredible stress that is put on your joints, your legs and especially your feet. The daily grind of just walking from one place to another causes incredible damage to an individuals knees, ankles and feet that can eventually lead to surgeries and other very preventable medical situations if parents live by example and educate their children today about living a healthy lifestyle!

All this can be reversed and controlled with a call to action today!

Flip2BFits call to action
Now you may be asking yourself: Take an active role in some sort of movement. What does that mean?

It means exactly that. Get up and Move! Walk, Run, Skip, Touch your toes, Stretch, Do a few Yoga Poses, Maybe a few windmills or straddle stretches but all in all it simply means MOVE YOUR BODY!

Children who are actively engaged in MOVING and being physically active on a regular basis will reap enormous benefits.

  • They are less likely to become overweight
  • They have a decreased risk of developing type 2 diabetes
  • They have reduced blood cholesterol levels and lower blood pressure
  • They have higher self-esteem and reduced incidences of depression and anxiety
  • They are more likely to build strong bones and muscles
  • They are more attentive in school
  • They are more successful in school and life

Now that we know why children need to be active, its time to get them up and moving. Heres how:

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Author: Heather Parisi / Founder Flip2BFit Inc.

Flip2BFit is FITNESS – Flip2BFit is LIFESTYLE – Flip2BFit is NUTRITION

Flip2BFit is HEALTH – Flip2BFit is FUN!

Notes: The American Heart Association recommends:

  • All children age 2 and older should participate in at least 30 minutes of enjoyable, moderate-intensity physical activities every day. These activities should be developmentally appropriate and varied.
  • If your child does not have a full 30-minute activity break each day, try to provide at least two 15-minute periods or three 10-minute periods in which they can engage in vigorous activities appropriate for their age, gender and stage of physical and emotional development. Any concerns about your childs physical or overall health should be discussed with their pediatrician.

Guest Blog By Heather Parisi
Founder/CEO Flip2BFit


Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health

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