The Joys of Aging Include, but are not Limited to Diabetes:

Discounts at the all you can eat Chinese buffet. Unfortunately, all you can eat is half a plate, so can you truly call it a discount.

You can officially use the phrase whipper snapper.

No one will mind if you use the motorized scooter at the grocery store. Just dont run anyone over.

Driving slow is permitted, especially on Sunday.

Frequent doctors visits, especially if you are a diabetic.

Why the frequent visits to a Podiatrist for a diabetic?

  • To check the blood flow to and in your feet because diabetes can increase your risk for vascular disease.
  • To check the sensation in your feet. Diabetes can lead to neuropathy, loss of sensation, which can lead to severe problems.
  • To check your skin integrity as diabetes can cause your skin to dry and crack which can lead to bacterial/fungal infections. Also, if you have been diagnosed with neuropathy it is important to have a Podiatrist trim your nails and any calluses that may have formed.
  • To check the function and form of your foot. Through vascular and neurologic disease states, diabetes can alter the form and function of your foot. Calluses can form in areas of increased pressure and friction, which can lead to more problems.

All of these are important aspects of your foot health that can be managed with frequent visits to your local Podiatrist. If you have any concerns about the health of your feet, especially if you are a diabetic, please contact Dr. Bowman of Houston Foot Specialists by calling 713-467-8886.

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