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Preventing Sports Injuries

Staying at the top of your game, as the U.S. Olympic athletes try to do, can take a toll, and sports injuries can happen in an instant. Snowboarder Shaun White has battled a sprained ankle and jammed wrist, and ultimately he is withdrawing from the slopestyle event to hopefully avoid a more serious injury. Freestyle […]

Are You Ready for Some Football

The NFL draft is complete and hopes are high. Whether you agree with the decisions your favorite team made, you are super stoked for opening day. All, or most, of your teams personnel are healthy. You begin to meticulously research players for your fantasy football team. As you impatiently wait, what should you worry about? […]

What to Give that Injured Person on your Gift List

If you know someone who has been hobbling around on one foot due to an injury or surgery, you might want to get them extra special for Christmas this year. Sure, you could get one of the normal items, or you could put a little extra thought into what their life is right now and […]

Winter Fun

Im dreaming of a white Christmas and ski slopes. The winter season is upon us and the slopes of various skiing venues are white with snow. Plans are being made for annual ski trips and the winter gear is being pulled from the attic. You should also spend some time researching the various types of […]

Stress Fractures

You want to get back in shape? You want to start an exercise program? There are some things you need to know before you do. Besides clearance from your family practitioner, the most important thing you need to worry about is a stress fracture. What is a stress fracture? A stress fracture is a structural […]

RICE……..Not Just the San Francisco Treat.

In a nation where participation in outdoor activities is rising exponentially, it is only natural that the rate of injuries related to these activities is also on the rise. Injuries to the foot, ankle, or leg are probably more common than those to the upper extremity. If you unfortunately suffer from an injury to the […]

Turf Toe and Its Effects on Fantasy Football

The arduous wait of the off season is almost over. Preseason shenanigans are wrapping up. You acquired some 5 star athletes and by far have the most talented team you have ever pieced together. The trash talking at work is intensifying and the first official game of the season is tonight. But as you to […]

IT Band Syndrome. What The Heck Is That?

Luckily, this has nothing to do with an ancient, gigantic spider who poses as a clown to convince the neighborhood kids to follow him. IT Band Syndrome has everything to do with stress and inflammation to a band of tissue, the Iliotibial Band, located on the outside of the knee joint. The IT Band is […]

Ouch! Shin Splints….Too Much, Too Soon

If you are an avid walker, have begun a new exercise program, or are an experienced runner, you may have experienced one of the most common lower extremity ailments, shin splints. Shin splints are characterized as pain at the front inside of the shin bone due to overexertion of the muscles. Shin splints usually involve […]

March Madness Leads to Broken Bone

I was sitting at my in-laws’ house Easter Sunday allowing the delicious Ham and Cheesy Potato dinner to settle, when it almost decided to come right back up. I’ve seen some very gnarly things in my three years of residency, but this was gruesome. Midway through the first half of the Louisville vs. Duke Elite […]