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Major Sports Injuries: Bad for athletes, good for Foot and Ankle Specialists

Scanning the headlines of major sports news this week you might find a common trend among some of the biggest names in professional sports. Last week, New York Yankee Captain Derek Jeter underwent foot surgery for a fractured left ankle. Olympic Silver medalist McKayla Moroney just had screws placed in her ankle. NFL stars Pierre […]

Have Fun Dancing Without Injury To Feet & Ankles

Are you familiar with Dancing with the Stars and So You Think You Can Dance? These television dance shows showcase the rigors of dancing, as well as potential foot and ankle injuries that come with the territory. For many people, dance may not spring to mind when thinking about sports, but the physical demands placed […]

Tips To Prevent Sport Injuries of Foot and Ankle

Keeping your feet and ankles in tip top shape is extremely important while participating in sporting activities and to keep you walking for many years. We at Houston Foot Specialists would rather show you how to prevent injuries, but we are also here to treat if the need arises. Remember, foot and ankle pain is […]

Win a Gold Medal With A Broken Bone? She Did!

A broken toe didnt stop McKayla Maroney from vaulting all summer. Better known by her nickname as the flying squirrel Maroney had broken the big toe or Hallux on her right foot In May and if you watched the 2011 vaulting champion during these 2012 Olympics it didnt stop her from winning a gold medal. […]

Start From the Feet Up

While at the gym last week, I noticed how busy it was compared to just a month ago. I asked my trainer about the increase, and he replied, Theyre all beginners wanting to get in shape for the summer. Its that time of the year where we all want to look our best for the […]

Running With the Elite: Post

No, I didnt really run with them. If anything, I ran after them. On Saturday January 14, 2012, I had the honor of serving on the medical team for the US Marathon Olympic Trials held in Houston. The best runners in the United States gathered to vie for being the top three men and women […]

Winter Sports Injuries – Are You Prepared?

For many athletes and weekend exercise warriors, winter is a time to continue their cardiovascular health. Many partake in winter sports such as snow sledding or skiing, snowboarding, rough-and-tumble ice hockey or casual ice skating. Yes, winter provides a fast track for fun, but exposes the body to injuries, especially to foot and ankle injuries. […]