Major Sports Injuries: Bad for athletes, good for Foot and Ankle Specialists

Scanning the headlines of major sports news this week you might find a common trend among some of the biggest names in professional sports. Last week, New York Yankee Captain Derek Jeter underwent foot surgery for a fractured left ankle. Olympic Silver medalist McKayla Moroney just had screws placed in her ankle. NFL stars Pierre Garcon, Maurice Jones-Drew, Ahmad Bradshaw, Bart Scott, Sean Lee and DeMarco Murray all have suffered foot injuries. One of the most famous professional athletes, Kobe “The Black Mamba” Bryant is out with a bum hoof. All of these athletes require their feet much like a formula 1 race car needs good working wheels and tires.

Podiatrists are very capable of dealing with these sports related injuries. Common sports injuries treatable by Podiatrists are Turf-toe,Lisfranc dislocations,Plantar Fasciitis, ankle sprains and fractures,Achilles tendontears and more.

Preventative measures are also very helpful. Podiatrists can offer pain relieving and structure correctingshoe gearmodifications,orthoticdevices, specific strapping techniques, physical therapy and more.

So unless you are Lance Armstrong, and if you are an athlete, you could benefit from seeing a Podiatric Physician. As always, never self diagnose and always consult with your physician before starting any treatment. For more information please contact Dr. Jeffrey N. Bowman of Houston Foot Specialists at 713-467-8886 or online appointments are available on our website

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