What to Give that Injured Person on your Gift List

If you know someone who has been hobbling around on one foot due to an injury or surgery, you might want to get them extra special for Christmas this year. Sure, you could get one of the normal items, or you could put a little extra thought into what their life is right now and get something outstanding. Here are a few ideas:

Information on Mobility Devices

One of the biggest things you can do for your loved one is help him or her get around. If you have noticed that the injured person has trouble on crutches, research alternatives that they might like to use instead. Goodbye Crutches has three such options, all of which can help your friend get around easier, safer, and faster. The Knee Scooter, for example, is a wheeled device that allows the injured person to sit and scoot themselves from place to place. Its great for added balance in winter weather conditions too. The Seated Scooter is the perfect option for those who need extra rest during the recovery process. Your loved one will sit and scoot with this device. And they never have to look around to find a seat! And the Hands Free Crutch allows the injured person to walk much like normal while retaining the use of both hands! Take information from Goodbye Crutches to your loved one and maybe even offer to pay for part of the rental fees and your gift will not soon be forgotten.

Warm Toes

If your loved one has to wear a cast or boot on their injured foot, their toes stick out the end of the cast and in the winter, even inside, those toes get rather cold! You can help alleviate that irritation by getting a Cozy Toe Warmer for them. The toe warmer fits over their toes like a slipper and easily wraps around the back of the cast or boot with adjustable Velcro. Any toes inside the toe warmer are warm and dry at all times!


You can give your loved one a little added style with one or more Cast Coverz. These colorful covers slip right over a cast or boot and let your loved one get a sense of style back into their attire. Its a nice change from the monotone cast and it takes attention away from the injury. Plus, the cast coverz can go with many different outfits, or add a little pizzazz and really stand out!


You might think that a cast wouldnt be itchy and hot during the cooler winter months, but your loved one still likely sweats under the cast on occasion. And that itchy feeling is not one that goes away on its own! The Cast Cooler is the perfect gift because your loved one an attach it to a vacuum and the cast and get a fresh, clean feeling beneath the cast. No more dangerous wire hangers to attempt to scratch!


The most thoughtful gift of all is simply the offer to help the injured person in any way you can. You could run errands, wrap presents, cook meals, or do any number of other things. Keep your eye out for areas the person struggles with and try to fill in the gaps for the most thoughtful gift you can givetime.

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