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The NFL draft is complete and hopes are high. Whether you agree with the decisions your favorite team made, you are super stoked for opening day. All, or most, of your teams personnel are healthy. You begin to meticulously research players for your fantasy football team. As you impatiently wait, what should you worry about? THE INJURY BUG.

What injuries should you be aware of AND what can the players do to reduce their risk of injury?

Common Foot/Ankle Injuries:

  • Ankle Sprain more common to the lateral structures as the foot is rolled inward. These structures are also weaker than the medial structures.
  • Fractures ankle OR foot. Ankle fractures can be associated with ankle sprains. You also have the familiar stress fracture, which cannot be visualized with basic x-rays, but are still very painful and require a cease and desist of activity. Stress fractures are very common in the metatarsals.
  • Dislocations the two most common dislocations in the foot are the Lis Franc AND the 1st MPJ.
  • Lis Franc this dislocation is in the midfoot and can also include fractures. It is a serious injury that requires surgical intervention. I would say this is a season ending injury.
  • 1st MPJ otherwise known as Turf Toe. This is a painful injury and sometimes may need surgery to reduce and stabilize. Severity determines length of inactivity.

Risk Management:

  • Taping/Padding/Bracing stabilizing the foot and ankle during activity can reduce ones risk of injury. Trained professionals are available to assist in this endeavor.
  • Strength Training strengthening the muscles and ligamentous structures of the foot and ankle will help counter abnormal forces placed on them during activity. There are specific exercises you can perform for each specific muscle.
  • Balance Training one can use a wobble board to increase ones balance and joint proprioception.
  • Shoes as I have mentioned in many other blogs: proper shoe gear, proper shoe gear, proper shoe gear.

Nothing is 100% at preventing injury during sports except to NOT play sports. Speak to Dr. Bowman for further personal insight as he played college football.

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