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Cosmetic Foot Surgery: Extreme Makeover Gone Bad

The term, Put your best foot forward, is often used when giving advice to someone going for an interview or starting his or her first day on a job. Many people go to great lengths to make this happen, such as participants in the show, Extreme Makeover. The makeovers usually dont focus on feet, but […]


How often have we heard that length matters? For instance, if you want to put your hair in a ponytail, it needs to be a certain length to adequately achieve the desired look. Length matters in sports. Long jumpers are obviously aiming to jump the farthest length. The length of a runway matters to safely […]

Total Joint Replacement in the Foot?

Anything you can do, I can do. How many people do we know, or have heard of, have underwent a replacement of a shoulder, hip, or knee joint? I would wager more than those who have had a big toe joint replaced. Yes, you read correctly. You can replace the entire big toe joint like […]

A Scope is A Scope

The advent of the scope has revolutionized the medical field. Surgeries that once left large, unsightly scars with long recovery times has been greatly reduced to several small scars with a much better recovery time. If you think about it, the scopes that are being used for shoulders and knees have the diameter of a […]

Implant Materials

Squeaky, squeaky. The sound you dont mind from your dogs chew toy, but not from your surgically implanted hardware. Thankfully, that sound is not what you will hear because you actually wont hear anything, not even the airport metal detectors. There are several types of surgically implanted hardware that you might expect a Podiatrist to […]

Blood Sugar Control and Healing Post

Why is it so important to control your blood sugar following surgery? What could possibly go wrong if my blood sugar levels are not in the desired/advised levels? The answer is LOTS!!! First of all, what is the desired/advised range a diabetic should keep their blood sugar? According to the ADA (American Diabetes Association) between […]

Foot Surgery: The After Instructions

You just had foot surgery and are recuperating from anesthesia in the recovery room when the nurse brings in a list of instructions that you are apparently supposed to adhere to. Why? What is so important about these rules that I must follow to the letter? What could possibly go wrong if I dont do […]

Foot or Ankle Surgery and a Non

When your doctor tells you that you have to stay off your foot or ankle for a certain amount of time, you might wonder how you are going to do it. Hobbling around on one foot is a lot harder than it looks…and it doesnt look very easy as it is! Here are a few […]

The Foot Doctor and the Resident. Why I Choose to Work With Residents?

I had a patient ask me just last week why I work with residents in surgery and at my clinic. The simple answer is we all have to learn from someone. In reality it goes much deeper than that. After four years of college and four years of podiatric medical school they become doctors. When […]

I Have a Bone to Pick with You! New Concepts is Foot Surgery

I’m sure you’ve heard the term “bone on bone”, but never in this context! A product from Solana Surgical gives a whole new concept of internal fixation. Bone healing generally takes 3-8 weeks (depending on procedure) and needs complete absence of motion to yield the best results.Traditionally, this motion is prevented bymetal hardware such as […]