Cosmetic Foot Surgery: Extreme Makeover Gone Bad

The term, Put your best foot forward, is often used when giving advice to someone going for an interview or starting his or her first day on a job. Many people go to great lengths to make this happen, such as participants in the show, Extreme Makeover. The makeovers usually dont focus on feet, but there is a growing trend involving cosmetic foot surgery among those who truly want to look their best head to toe.

If you are wondering what types of foot plastic surgery could really be done, you may be surprised at the procedures some people are asking for. Toe-besity is a term that has been heard and refers to the notion that toes are too large. Women are having re-shaping procedures to make their toes more slender. Other trends in foot beautification involve laser treatments for permanent hair removal, filler injections to make wearing high heels less painful, and getting toes shortened and/or removed so they fit better in tight pointy shoes.

You only have one pair of feet to last you a lifetime and there are serious risks involved with cosmetic foot surgery. The American Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Society warns against it entirely due to complications like permanentnerve damage, infection, bleeding, scarring, and chronic pain when walking. There are many things you can do to take care of your feet and make them look healthier and more beautiful that dont involve going under the knife.

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